Recipe Notes | Quesadillas


We are a little obsessed with all things wrap orientated here at Humphrey Munson right now. If quesadillas go down as well in your house as they do in our office, then the Staub cast iron Pancake pan with wooden handle may well be your next best purchase.

Perfect for cooking a multitude of things (including pancakes of course), this pan cooks food evenly all thanks to the fact it is made of cast iron, which ideally conducts heat and distributes it over the entire surface of the pan to the outer edges. As a result, all food is cooked evenly no matter where it is on the pan.

The quesadillas we make are so simple, no real recipe is required. For these ones we combined some cooked chicken (diced up), with grated mature cheddar, spring onion, lime juice, red pepper, freshly chopped coriander and red chilli to create a quick Mexican style lunch fix. Take two tortillas and place the filling in the middle, press down and then add to a hot, lightly oiled pan. Flip when the underside is brown and cook until the cheese is melted. You could literally use any ingredients for these so they are a great way to make use of fridge leftovers to create a tasty lunch treat.

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