Recipe Notes | Quick and Easy Potato Salad


We are obsessed with this herby lemony potato salad especially as it’s so easy!

We love La Ratte potatoes from Waitrose – they are a traditional French variety that is a little bit nutty and so so flavoursome.

To make the potato salad, I mean everyone knows how to make potato salad, but this is how we do it – bring the potatoes to boil in salty water until they are cooked. Very important to use cold water otherwise the potato cooks too quickly from the outside and they crack.

Drain the potatoes, and while they are still warm, decamp them to a large mixing bowl (the one in the images is our favourite from John Julian).

Add a good dollop of mayonnaise (make your own for extra everything), a tsp of so of Dijon mustard, a squeeze of lemon, fresh cracked black pepper, seat salt, chives and parsley.

Taste it and see, if you want it more lemon-y or mustard-y – add more…

Also works well with tarragon and optional added crispy bacon for real va-va-voom.

Must serve with a glass of crisp chilled wine wine.

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