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Is there anything more irresistible or homely that the smell of a chicken roasting in the oven? We love to cook in our HM kitchens and you can guarantee that the waft of roast chicken will make its way into the office and design studio and get everyone’s noses in the air! We wanted to share with you the most perfect roast chicken and how we did it but must confess it was all down to the MEATER probe we used – this is the secret weapon you need in your kitchen!

The MEATER probe cooks both meat and fish to utter perfection; so if you want to cook the best roast chicken of your life (think delicate, crispy skin and juicy meat full of flavour) you need this MEATER probe in your kitchen drawer.

Developed with state of the art technology combined with an insatiable passion for mouth watering, perfectly cooked food; the MEATER probe is probably one of the best kitchen gadgets we’ve ever used. For clients specifying the Lacanche range cooker, an AGA or any single oven that does not come with a built in probe, we recommend purchasing a MEATER probe so that meat and fish can be cooked perfectly.

One of the main benefits of probe cooking for us is that you can just relax when you’re cooking because you’re not worrying about meat being over-cooked; it comes out perfectly every time. For Christmas Day with all the pressure of cooking, the MEATER probe will ensure the turkey (or goose, or frankly whatever you’re having) is cooked perfectly and with zero fuss.

We used the MEATER probe which we have in the showroom to cook this chicken – it is so brilliantly simple: 100% wire-free, no fuss, super simple to set up on your phone and it’s seriously clever. The MEATER probe has 2 sensors within a single probe so it monitors the internal meat temperature and ambient temperature of the inside of the oven.

The guided cook system literally walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results and it also included an advanced estimator algorithm so it provides consistently accurate estimate of how long is left to cook and rest your food to help plan your meal and manage your time.

For this roast chicken we stuffed the cavity with fresh lemons, garlic and tarragon. We did ensure that the chicken was brought up to room temperature before we roasted it and simply seasoned with salt and pepper. We order organic chicken from Coombe Farm (link here) which are reared in the heart of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, By choosing organic Hubbard chickens from Coombe we feel comfortable that the meat we are eating has been reared ethically and sustainably to organic standards. All Coombe Farm Organic chicken comes from Capestone Organic Poultry, whose family farming heritage dates back to 1826. Here they enjoy free-range lives, with freedom to roam, follow their natural instincts and are fed a bespoke organic feed.

We set the Lacanche chalonnais range cooker to convection fan setting at 180C, inserted the probe and then got on preparing the rosemary roasted parmentier potatoes and winter veggie salad.

The probe pictured above is the MEATER block which has 4 probes that we use for the Wolf outdoor BBQ for steaks so can ensure they are all cooked to the correct temperature. This has means you can use the stand to set the temperatures and programme the probe without using your phone. It has a long range of up to 50m.

It’s always great when you find a truly brilliant gadget that really enhances your time in the kitchen and we have had wonderful feedback from clients who have enjoyed the freedom and peace-of-mind when cooking.

To take a look at the MEATER probes available click here, we have the single MEATER probe plus with 5x longer range that is £99, and the MEATER block which has 4 probes and a stand alone function, £279.

The block is useful if you think you’ll use it for the BBQ in the summer or if you are doing an extra large turkey at Christmas and want to have two probes to check the temperature of the breast and leg meat at the same time. Otherwise the single longer range option is brilliant and you can set up on your phone so easily.

If you want to order a MEATER probe, we have a special code to use which is HUMPHREYMUNSON15 and this will give you 15% off the price.

To find out more about MEATER click here.

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