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Earlier this year Wolf, the industry leader in premium cooking equipment, launched a new campaign entitled Reclaim the Kitchen. A long-time believer in the richness of people coming together to prepare and enjoy meals, Wolf’s goal is to make the process easy and accessible, enabling anyone who wishes, to experience the benefits of reclaiming the kitchen.

They have created a really inspiring video to accompany the campaign that beautifully articulates the reasons why we don’t cook so much at home these days and why it’s so important that we change that. The video has been viewed (to date) nearly a million times on YouTube. Take a look below to see why…

The Reclaim The Kitchen campaign was developed at The Richards Group by copywriter Dave Longfield, art director Brian Linder and producer David Rucker. Filming was shot by directors Brikk via The Academy and the sound was designed and mixed at Lucky Post by audio engineer Scottie Richardson and executive producer Jessica Berry. To read the design brief and the commentary of how the campaign was put together, take a look at this feature on the Inspiration Room.

The three cornerstones of the campaign – planning meals, celebrating the goodness of freshly prepared food and cooking together are simple but powerful ideas. As part of the campaign, the Reclaim The Kitchen website has lots of delicious but simple and quick recipes that are the perfect starting point.

Roasted Chicken with New Potatoes and Asparagus - Sub-Zero and Wolf - Reclaim the Kitchen - Humphrey Munson Blog

The recipe above is for Roasted chicken with new potatoes and asparagus. It’s a simple recipe to follow using the convection setting on the oven for the chicken and new potatoes while the asparagus is steamed to help ensure maximum vitamin retention in the cooking process.

Pork with Polenta and Brown Butter Green Beans - Sub-Zero and Wolf - Reclaim the Kitchen - Humphrey Munson Blog

A perfect evening meal as autumn approaches, the recipe for pork loin with parmesan polenta and brown butter green beans sounds delicious. Another simple and quick recipe, the green beans can be blanched a day ahead of time and stored, covered, in the refrigerator (to ease the preparation of the meal). There are many options of pre-marinated pork loin fillets available in supermarkets and at the butchers, and because this recipe will work equally well with any marinade, you can choose the flavour your family will most enjoy.

Grilled romaine with avocado dressing

Using the chargrill to actually grill the romaine lettuce is a great way to bring a simple salad starter (or side dish) to life. This super quick and easy recipe for grilled romaine with avocado dressing lets these wonderful salad ingredients take centre stage while being a really fresh and healthy option.

To see the full selection of recipes designed for Reclaim the Kitchen take a look here. As it says in the video, start with one – just one family meal a week, and just cook.

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