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We designed the guest bathroom in our Chelsea showroom as we would would have done for a project by looking at the design elements holistically and creating a fun space with a mix of materials. The guest bathroom is always a great room to have a bit of fun with in design and you can perhaps feel a little bolder and braver with design choices. We thought it would be helpful to share the design choices we made for this room here…

Naturally we included one of our own vanity units in this bathroom and we chose the Harlyn II as it really captures that feeling of refined elegance. If you want to see the other vanity units we design and make you can do so here.

The Harlyn II vanity unit by Humphrey Munson by finished in dark, moody paint colour ‘Mr Banks’, the vanity cabinetry contrasts beautifully with a CRL Verona quartz top and wraparound downstand below. The finishing touches, are what bring this vanity together. The Marton handles and Waterworks Henry Chronos three hole deck mounted faucet with walnut lever handles are finished in polished brass for an elegant, warm finish. If this vanity isn’t for you, there are three additional styles: the Trevose, Constantine and Holywell; all of which are beautiful in their own right.

Ok so let’s talk about flooring. Working from the ground up creates the base that you will build the foundations of your room upon. We chose the Lennox porcelain tiles for the rich, deep greens and varied veining that gives a wow look and feel to this space. This has been a really practical choice for the guest bathroom area and with a thin, tight grout line, cleaning is super easy.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to go dark, but if you’re on the fence, pick a darker element, then soften with lighter colours and warm mid-tones to create balance. ‘One of a kind whilst remaining timeless’ is what we wanted for this room, much like every project we design.

The wall tiles are the Kensington chequer charcoal and off white marble tiles. The classic off-white marble has warm grey veining while the charcoal marble has beautiful natural markings that give a softer effect. The tumbled edges of the marble tiles give an understated look and feel, while still retaining the luxury of this exquisite natural material.

The other walls are clad in bespoke HM panelling finished in Southwold. First seen in the butler’s kitchen in Felsted, we loved the look so much we wanted to use the panelling again here. To compliment the Harlyn vanity unit is the Montpellier mirror in Berkeley oak which is available in multiple timber and painted finishes. Take a look at this mirror via our shop here.

Finally the pièce de resistance; lighting! The right lighting is key to bringing a space together and adding a finishing touch of sophistication to this room and the Emperor wall lights in brass by Porta Romana did just that. It’s such a soft glow, perfect for these bathroom setting.

1. Kensington Chequers Marble Tiles by Humphrey Munson 

2. Wall Lights by Porta Romana 

3. Hand Soap by Loewe 

4. Montpellier Mirror by Humphrey Munson 

5. Harlyn II Vanity Unit by Humphrey Munson 

6. Lennox Porcelain Tile by Humphrey Munson

7. Waste Bin by The Basket Company 

8. Hand Towels by Rebecca Udall 

9. Worktop by CRL 

10. Bathroom Tap by Waterworks 

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