The Art of Collaboration | Burleigh x Barneby Gates


This Autumn unveils a harmonious fusion of two iconic British brands: Burleigh and Barneby Gates. This collaboration is a jubilant ode to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship and a celebration of innovative design.

Burleigh: A Legacy of Timeless Craftsmanship

Since its inception in 1851, Burleigh has proudly upheld the tradition of tissue transfer printing. This meticulous art form involves using hand-engraved copper rollers to create their signature finish on each piece. Remarkably, only 12 artisans worldwide possess this extraordinary skill, and they are all integral members of the Burleigh team.

Barneby Gates: A Contemporary Twist on Tradition

In contrast, Barneby Gates, founded in 2010, is a British wallpaper and fabric studio celebrated for its eclectic array of prints. They seamlessly blend traditional printing techniques with historical references, infusing each creation with a contemporary allure.

A Tale of Two Wallpapers

Together, these venerable brands have given birth to two exquisite wallpapers: ASIATIC PHEASANT and CALICO, both inspired by original Burleigh designs of the same name.


Burleigh introduced its blue Asiatic Pheasants collection in 1862, a design that has endured as one of their most versatile and iconic patterns. This classic motif, adorned with graceful birds and intricate florals, has been ingeniously reimagined as a refined stripe pattern. The transformation was achieved through the time-honoured Gravure printing technique, preserving the delicate detail of the original motif. These wallpapers are available in two enchanting colours: a gentle China Blue, reminiscent of handcrafted pottery, and a contemporary Navy.

CALICO: A Blossoming Tribute

Calico joined the Burleigh pattern book in 1968 and has since remained a beloved classic. Inspired by a 19th-century indigo fabric, the scrolling blossom design naturally lent itself to this latest incarnation as a wallpaper print. You can choose between Navy, a subdued rendition of the original rich cobalt blues, or Burnt Rose, a versatile hue that complements a wide spectrum of pinks and deep reds.

A Symbiotic Collaboration

The partnership between Burleigh and Barneby Gates is a testament to their shared brand values. When Burleigh extended the invitation to collaborate on a wallpaper collection, Barneby Gates accepted with confidence in their ability to translate Burleigh’s iconic designs into wallpaper. The results, however, far surpassed their initial expectations.

To capture the same intricate detail as Burleigh’s tissue transfer technique, they turned to Gravure Printing. This method utilizes a substantial steel cylinder coated with copper-chrome and etched with diamond tips. Through this process, where the pattern is meticulously engraved into the roller, they achieved an intricate and tonal result using a single cylinder.

Image Credit – Ben Phillips Photography

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