The Enduring Charm Of A Traditional Butler Sink


With a wide range of sink styles (and colours) available nowadays, sink choices can be just as difficult as paint colours. At Humphrey Munson we like to keep things simple and refined which results in a timeless kitchen that will stand the test of time – not just until the next trend.

Butler sinks are mostly chosen for ancillary rooms such as sculleries, utility rooms and boot rooms due to their utilitarian look and feel. Butler sinks can be chosen in a variety of sizes depending on the space and the needs of the homeowner, for example a small sink may just be to rinse items or wash hands.

Or for larger homes it provides a place to wash down small dogs, pre-soak clothes or anything else you can think of!

Butler sinks aren’t just perfect for boot and utility rooms though, they are also ideal for scullery rooms, prep kitchens and more traditional kitchens that reside in older properties. A butler sink in a scullery or prep kitchen for example will help when clearing away after large gatherings or dinner parties as the dishes can be tucked in the sink out of sight or rinsed then loaded straight into an integrated dishwasher for maximum cleaning away convenience.

Whichever space the butler sink works best in, it is usually designed with a tap and rinse that extends out and around the inside of the bowl to help wash any residue off the edges and down the drain.

It’s safe to say if you choose a butler sink it’s probably going to have a lot of use. Which is why butler sinks like the one pictured above is ceramic which is robust, resistant to impact and scratches.

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