The Last of the Summer Spritz


Although summer is nearly over, we’ve still got a little time left to embrace la dolce vita and enjoy a refreshing spritz. Here are some of our favourite recipes you may want to try but for more ideas we love this book and also the Life Negroni is a fantastic read.

Blood Orange Negroni - Feasting at Home - Humphrey Munson Blog


The ultimate refresher, negronis are very much on the bitter and aromatic rather than sweet side of the track, but if you like a classic negroni, you’ll love this blood orange version by Feasting at Home.

The Americano - Humphrey Munson Blog


One for the purists, this classic summer cocktail is much lighter than a negroni with the gin replaced with soda water instead. Refreshing, light and delicious too. Take a look at this recipe here on Tempered Spirits.

Aperol Spritz - Honestly Yum - Humphrey Munson blog 2


And of course, the one and only, Aperol Spritz – originally a celebrated aperitif in Italy during the 50’s, Aperol has enjoyed a huge revival in recent years and is the feel good cocktail of the summer.

Images: 1 – Jo Rodgers / 2 – Feasting at Home / 3 – Tempered Spirits / 4 – Honestly Yum

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