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Are you feeling low on time and energy when it comes to cooking?

Do you worry about the rising cost of food, both to your wallet and the planet?

Would you like to feel calmer and more in control of your kitchen?

Would you also like to shop smarter, reduce stress, decrease food waste and crucially, actually enjoy eating a healthy diet?

Yes? We thought so! The Organised Cook by Amelia Freer joins the dots between us really wanting to eat well and the messy, everyday reality of putting that into practice. This book isn’t going to tell you what to eat, or why healthy eating is important (something that Amelia has talked about in-depth in her previous books); but it is going to tell you exactly how to do it in amongst the busy, chaotic reality of everyday life – most especially when time, money, energy and motivation are short.

AMELIA FREER FdSc, Dip ION is one of the UK’s leading Nutritional Therapists and healthy living experts. She is also an internationally bestselling author of five booksregular contributor to both national and international media, enthusiastic home cook, kitchen gardener, and busy mum to Willow.

Instant Roasted Red Pepper Soup

In The Organised Cook, Amelia shares easy ways to form life-changing habits when it comes to organising our kitchens, shopping and preparing and eating food. With the right strategies in place, you can reduce stress, shop smarter and always have a nutritious, satisfying meal to hand. Including 70 of Amelia’s original, easy and healthy recipes, this book is packed with practical advice about how to organise your kitchen, approach food shopping, cook efficiently and plan meals for the week ahead.

Amelia knows first-hand that true wellbeing comes from supporting our entire lifestyle; from sleep to movement, social connection to our home environment and much, much more. Amelia’s website which you can view here reaches far beyond simply nutrition. From evidence-based articles on all sorts of healthy living topics, to glorious garden inspiration for a moment of seasonal escapism, sustainable and organised home ideas, and of course, lots of quick and healthy recipes for the whole family. It’s a little haven of inspiration and an incredible resource. We also love her newsletter which always features a wealth of tips and insights. There is an incredible section on autumn recipes (view here) and we’ve shared a few of our favourites below.

View Amelia’s website here and you can pre-order the new book on Amazon here.

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