The Yorkshire Project | A Classical New Build in the Queen Anne Style


Perched atop a hill, overlooking the enchanting Yorkshire Dales, stands a remarkable new build country house in the Queen Anne style that effortlessly embodies the true essence of classical design and craftsmanship. With meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to heritage, this architectural masterpiece showcases the legacy of creating a home that seamlessly blends with its picturesque surroundings.

Our clients brought together a brilliant, proactive and collaborative team including architects Bramhall Blenkharn Leonard, interior designer Averil Interiors and new build specialists Keepsake Construction to ensure that every corner of the house exudes timeless elegance. We were commissioned to design, manufacture and install the cabinetry found throughout the large kitchen and dining area, utility room, boot room, drying room & gun store, study as well as the bar and media cabinetry in the basement entertaining area and the principal dressing room.

“A truly beautiful house that deserved to be built”.

The construction of the previous dwelling built during the 1960’s revealed the telltale signs of its era; asbestos and a complete lack of essential insulation including cavity wall, loft, and floor insulation. Visually chaotic, the original house was something of an unfortunate smudge upon the pristine canvas of the breathtaking landscape.

Enter the visionary design of the new dwelling, drawing inspiration from the timeless Queen Anne architectural style. Imbued with an air of elegance and sophistication, the front and rear elevations boast a formal aesthetic that pays homage to the classical grandeur of the era.

Majestically spanning two storeys, the principal section of the house is graced with charming dormers in the roof space, while a single-storey extension neatly adorns the northern side of the dwelling, providing ample space for the back hall / utilitarian spaces.

With great respect for the surrounding landscape and the region’s rich architectural heritage, the proposed dwelling harmoniously melds with its expansive grounds. The use of a restrained classical style, reminiscent of grand estates, pays homage to the county’s storied past and evokes a profound sense of place.

This country house is not just an exceptional creation in terms of the aesthetics, it also embraces an unwavering commitment to sustainability and was carefully designed to incorporate a range of features, ensuring its energy efficiency and environmental performance including ground source heat pump, photovoltaic array, underfloor heating, insulated thermal envelope and thermal bridge minimisation.

Approaching the residence, one is immediately captivated by the grandeur and stately presence of the house. Designed with utmost care, the facade pays homage to the region’s architectural heritage, featuring 55,000 bricks handmade locally and elegant Georgian-style windows. As the imposing front gates swing open, visitors are greeted by a quiet sense of anticipation.

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

Stepping into the expansive kitchen, the design intention was all about celebrating the beautiful views across the Dales.

The remarkable craftsmanship and attention to detail by HM has really brought this room to life with an incredible cooking run featuring an enormous chimney surrounding the 1500mm Lacanche Citeaux range cooker.

The cabinetry, finished in a timeless palette, effortlessly blends with the surroundings, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

From the elegant open display cabinetry either side of the entrance to the family room, to the practical yet stylish kitchen island incorporating banquette seating, every element is thoughtfully designed to enhance functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that this space becomes the heart of the home.

Functional Beauty: Utility Room, Boot Room, Drying Room & Gun Store

Housed within the single storey extension to the northern side, the utility room, boot room, drying room and gun store boast the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout.

We are so proud that Humphrey Munson’s expertise in creating beautiful yet functional spaces shines through in the thoughtful storage solutions and carefully selected materials.

The cabinetry seamlessly integrates practical elements, such as pull out wellies drawers, and drying cupboards, with a design aesthetic that complements the overall classical style of the house.

The boot room provides the perfect haven for decamping after hours in the field with space to dry muddy wellies and outdoor gear in a room designed just for drying. It offers such an amazing sense of organisation and elegance that makes coming and going a real pleasure.

A Sanctuary for Work: The Study

Within a country house of this size, finding a serene space to work or retreat to for quiet contemplation is essential.

The study, adorned with Humphrey Munson’s bespoke cabinetry, provides just that. Handcrafted bookshelves line the walls, displaying cherished volumes and personal mementos. The beautiful desk, with its refined detailing and carefully selected finishes, sets the stage for productivity. Here, you can close the door and immerse yourself in the perfect blend of functionality and refined design.

Elevating Entertainment: The Bar and Media Cabinetry

In the quest to create a home that seamlessly blends relaxation and entertainment, the bar and media spaces in this Yorkshire country house truly shine.

Humphrey Munson’s expertise in cabinetry is showcased in the elegant bar, where beautiful storage solutions meet luxurious finishes. Antique effect mirror provides a subtle backdrop while the Monkey Lamps in silver by Patrick Mavros bring an unforgettable slice of African luxury.

The media cabinetry, designed to house state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, blends effortlessly with the overall classical aesthetic, creating an immersive experience for the homeowners and their guests.

With its thoughtfully designed bar and media cabinetry, this entertainment space is the epitome of hosting perfection. Whether it’s drinks with weekend guests or lively parties, the entertainment area caters to every occasion. The well-appointed bar offers a curated selection of beverages, while the media cabinetry provides a seamless integration of technology for immersive entertainment experiences. With ample storage and countertop space, everything is conveniently at hand to effortlessly entertain and create unforgettable memories.

A Haven of Style & Organisation: The Dressing Room

Nestled between the serene sanctuary of the bedroom and the luxurious haven of the bathroom, lies the exquisite dressing room at the Yorkshire project by Humphrey Munson.

The dressing room is a symphony of elegance and functionality, showcasing the craftsmanship of the HM Longford cabinetry. With its traditional bead detail and impeccable finish, the closed storage units effortlessly conceal an abundance of storage, creating an oasis of organisation.

From tailored suits to everyday items, every garment finds its rightful place within this meticulously designed space, ensuring that every morning begins with a sense of calm and inspiration.

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