Utility Room Design Tips


Since open plan kitchen dining spaces are now practically de rigeur, the majority of our clients now wish to incorporate utility / boot rooms into their kitchen re-design plans. We all know that open plan living is perfect for modern living but the downside is that for every wall knocked through, precious storage space is lost and clutter thus ensues. 

Humphrey Munson - Utility Rooms

The utility / boot room is certainly an aspirational element of kitchen design, and typically the primary goal is to designate an area just off the main kitchen which incorporates storage, laundry appliances, a separate sink and a cloakroom. 

Utility Room Design Tips

Separating laundry appliances into the utility room frees up the main kitchen to include items like wine fridges without forgoing vital kitchen cupboard space. Consider incorporating a larger butler sink in the utility room as it leaves the main kitchen sink free for food preparation and washing up. If you regularly host parties or large gatherings over the holidays, you may wish to incorporate additional refrigeration into the utility room as a useful overflow option. For families whose focus is on outdoor pursuits, incorporate additional storage under bespoke seating that can hide away wellies, walking boots and trainers. 

Ashurst House - Boot Room - Humphrey Munson

Carrying through the kitchen design into the adjoining or nearby utility room will keep the look and feel of the space consistent. Painted front-frame kitchen cabinetry can easily be custom designed for a utility room to maximise the space available. Integrating appliances into the design of the utility room is often a key request, and highly recommended as it maintains the clean lines of the design. 

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