7 Smart Kitchen Storage Solutions


Smart storage solutions can transform a kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary and is so much more than adding an extra cupboard or shelving to a design.

Cleverly considered storage is essential in a modern kitchen as it is no longer just a space for cooking but a place for entertaining, dining and relaxing with family and friends.

The key to meeting the demands of the room and keeping the space clutter free is to incorporate practical effective storage in both smaller and bigger spaces alike that suits the needs and lifestyle of the homeowners; it’s these little details that make all the difference…

1  //  K N I F E  D R A W E R

This knife drawer insert in this kitchen at the Ingatestone project is finished in our bespoke Berkeley Oak and keeps knives neat and tidy in one place and off the work surface (which is particularly important with little ones).

Located above the bin on the island which is used as the main food prep area, knife are to hand when preparing vegetables to be roasted in the oven opposite.

For this cook’s kitchen the knife drawer is the ultimate simple storage solution.

2  //  P O T  D R A W E R

The pot drawer at the Beech House project is handily located directly underneath a countertop baking cupboard and just to the left of the Wolf range cooker.

The drawer is designed to mimic the cupboards on the far end of the run but pulls out to reveal a smaller drawer that is used to store shallow dishes, plates etc that would otherwise get lost at the back of a standard cupboard.

The larger drawer beneath as you may expect hold pots, pans and big dishes so that they are conveniently close to the nearby oven.

The drawer interior is finished in HM American walnut which adds warmth the the kitchen and contrasts with the light, much cooler Tailored Grey painted perimeter cabinetry.

The two pull out pot cupboards at the Crouch End project provide masses of storage for this busy kitchen.

Pots and pans can be put straight on the Miele stove ready for ingredients, and other useful kitchen gadgets that the homeowners love can be neatly stored away in the much smaller drawer, keeping the kitchen surface clutter free.

3  //  D R O P  D O W N  T R O U G H

This integrated drop down sink trough at the Old Vicarage Project is hidden behind Nickleby cabinetry beneath the sink in what would usually be a false drawer to mimic the surrounding cabinetry.

The stainless steel interior makes it a great place to store damp items like sponges or brushes so the sink area can remain free of visual clutter – and the homeowner isn’t searching around for that elusive sponge!

4 //  I N T E G R A T E D  T R A Y S

Integrated trays near a coffee machine and food prep area like these Portobello oak trays either side of this Gaggenau coffee machine at the Walton barn project (pictured above) are the perfect solution to carrying drinks and plates from the kitchen to guests waiting patiently at the banquette nearby nearby or out into the garden in the summer months.

5   //  S W A N  N E C K  D R A W E R S

Swan neck drawers are an integral part of this kitchen as they provide easy access to baking equipment for the countertop baking cupboard above and expel the need to have to root around in the back of cupboards, thus providing the functionality of a drawer with the look of a cupboard.

It’s not all about function though, the interior is finished in Smithfield oak which works so well with the grey painted cabinetry.

6  //  C H A R G I N G  D R A W E R

A tech drawer’s purpose is simple but effective; to keep electronic items in one place and out of sight whilst they charge.

This handy drawer at the Cobham project is on the island near a soft seating area and has the addition of the grey baize lining ensuring items are less likely to slide about when opening and closing the drawer whilst they charge – which is particularly handy when the family is in a hurry.

7  //  S P I C E  D R A W E R

The spice drawer at the Cotswold Country Kitchen project is located in the cooking run for the homeowners plethora of spices.

As keen entertainers, the family needed a way to store lots of different herbs and spices in an accessible way, a spice drawer is an ideal way to keep them near the food prep area in an organised and handy spot and prevents them from becoming jumbled up in a cupboard.

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