The Day Pantry


The day pantry is one of the most requested elements of a Humphrey Munson kitchen. With the capacity to hold roughly 4-5 cupboards worth of ingredients in a mix of open and closed storage a day pantry provides a wealth of storage for dry ingredients all in one place.

For those thinking of incorporating a day pantry into their Humphrey Munson kitchen design, here are the essential components…

1 .  C O L D  S H E L F

The Day Pantry - Humphrey Munson

A countertop ‘cold shelf’ – like this one in day pantry at the Crouch End project is a great for food prep and storing large everyday appliances like this KitchenAid mixer, large chopping board or additional food storage for bowls of eggs and fruit etc behind doors for one clean line of cabinetry.

2 .  A R T I S A N  S H E LF  S T O R A G E

Artisan oak shelves, beautifully finished by hand in our workshop in Felsted, Essex are so useful for storing everything items you want to be able to see and select quickly. This day pantry in the Cobham project illustrates just how useful these shelves can be.

3 .  S P I C E  A N D  C O N D I M E N T  D O O R  R A C K S 

These spice and condiment racks are so handy for bottles of oil, vinegars, spices and herbs and really anything you can fit into them.

4.  D R A W E R S 

The drawers in the day pantry are perfect for hiding away packets of things or perhaps hiding away the treats like in this day pantry at the Langton House project in Theydon Bois.

A day pantry with engraved drawers like the pantry above not only adds a personal touch to the pantry but ensures things like bags of pasta and rice are put back in the same place rather than being tucked away in a random drawer. For busy families who love to be as organised as possible this is always a bonus, especially when guests can help themselves to bread for breakfast…a simple but effective idea.

A day pantry isn’t all about function, a contrasting wood finish like the dark Portobello oak interior the pantry at the Willow House project above really warms up the space which could otherwise feel quite cold due to the light painted cabinetry and worktops.

The Portobello oak also works really well with the aged brass Perrin and Rowe taps and surrounding hardware and really ties the space together.

And lastly for mor more unusual spaces that cannot be altered like the Oak Lodge, Norfolk project, the bespoke day pantry was designed around an existing immovable chimney and so part of the interior has a reduced depth due to this restriction – which you may not immediately notice due to the Portobello oak panelling.

This pantry is used for the bulk of the dry food storage and condiments, providing the homeowners with plenty of storage space which is what the day pantry is all about.

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