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The humble scullery was once a separate (often much smaller) room located adjacent or near to the kitchen that was used strictly for washing up and storing tableware, glassware and servingware. For those who love to entertain in an open plan space however, a scullery run incorporated into the main kitchen is ideal and can provide valuable storage as well as a place to clear up.

The two essential components when designing a scullery run are storage and utility and the beauty of a scullery run is that it stops the kitchen from becoming needlessly cluttered by dishes and prep equipment, whilst remaining close by for quick clearing away.

Epping Forest Project - Luxury Bespoke Kitchen - Humphrey Munson

The scullery run at the Langton House project in Theydon Bois is on the opposite side of the kitchen to the main cooking run with a large Kohler deerfield sink, integrated Miele dishwasher and pull out bin – this area is tucked just around the corner from the dining area and means tableware and glassware can be easily cleared away after meals.

As well as making clearing away much easier, this run has masses of useful storage with three chest drawers flanking the lower cabinetry and above, large painted cabinets with glazed cupboards each with built in lighting that creates a calm and warm mood in the evenings.

The scullery run at the Oak Lodge project in Norfolk is just along from the cooking run and has a large smart divide Kohler Deerfield sink with plenty more countertop space for baking and heavy appliances like a KitchenAid mixer which can stay out on this worktop without taking up valuable space in the main kitchen.

What’s really special about this space is that it looks out onto the garden through a window that was originally much smaller and was replaced with a much larger window to bring in more light to this section of the kitchen with a bonus of different views with the change of the seasons.

Barnes Village - Scullery Run - Humphrey Munson

The scullery run in the Barnes village project is within a short distance of both the island and cooking run, and to the left a countertop breakfast cupboard. This ensures making drinks at the Quooker hot tap is super easy as well as clearing away after low key meals at the island.

Barnes Village, Luxury Bespoke Kitchen - Humphrey Munson

Since the kitchen sculler run in this project is located under a beautiful large Edwardian window, this really illuminates the space with natural light and helps to bring the outside in and also provides a perfect view all through the seasons whilst clearing away which helps to make cleaning up even less of a chore.

What is really special about this scullery run at the Tudor Manor House project is that it is built into a peninsula which hides a supporting pillar.

Located near to both and island and large dining area, dirty dishes can be stacked on the countertop out of the way and the large butler sink, Perrin & Rowe tap and rinse are useful to wash off heavily soiled cutlery and dishes before clearing into the nearby dishwasher.

Rather than a bank of tall cabinetry this sink run has open shelving for storing everyday items like glassware and tableware which really helps the space feel open and calm.

Open Plan Kitchen - Dining - Sitting Area - Humphrey MunsonEither side of the sink under the counter is an integrated Miele dishwasher and a pull-out bin to make clearing away dishes from the nearby island and dining area away really easy and hassle free.

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