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The eagerly anticipated A.O.K opened its doors at the beginning of the year in Marylebone, London and has become a welcome foodie haven for those looking to avoid refined sugar, gluten and dairy. Upstairs you can enjoy an opulent dining space with plush seating and a bar, the walls are delicately adorned with hand-painted silk wallpaper, and the theme is just as vibrant downstairs in the bakery – the perfect spaces to enjoy the delectable menu all day long!

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Upstairs interior - Humphrey Munson Blog

Founded by Kelly Landesberg, A.O.K has brought fresh, feel good all day dining to London with a focus on delicious and nourishing dishes. The restaurant and bakery has been created to offer dishes inspired by the sunny shores of the Mediterranean and California combined, including bespoke bakes from the Mediterranean style on-site bakery.

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Upstairs interior - Humphrey Munson Blog

Among the talented team that help Kelly to make the magic happen at A.O.K is Kostas Rampias, the former head chef at MoMo’s, and let’s not forget the team of the finest chefs including the executive head chef and pastry from The Arts Club. Stemming from a Greek Background Kostas also has a wealth of industry experience as well as an insurmountable amount of passion for Mediterranean cuisine.

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Flatbreads - Humphrey Munson Blog

‘I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to be opening my first restaurant surrounded by the love and support of such an amazing team. We all feel very privileged to be bringing a new space to Marylebone – it’s always felt like there is a strong sense of family community there, and I really hope A.O.K can be part of that’ – Kelly Landesberg

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Acai coconut bowl with chopped banana and berries - Humphrey Munson Blog

Free from refined sugar and with a limit of gluten and dairy in dishes, the menu is seasonally focused. You can expect to feast on acai and coconut bowls, or classic boiled eggs served alongside gluten and yeast free bread, fresh from the bakery.

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Fluffy pancakes with organic maple syrup - Humphrey Munson Blog

There will also be a nutritious take on a full English (that doesn’t scrimp on the flavours), and of course a stack of fluffy blueberry pancakes with organic maple syrup and fresh berries for breakfast – which cannot be missed!

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Falafel Pittas - Humphrey Munson Blog

Served later in the day you can sample the crudité baskets with a vinaigrette dip, sea bass ceviche, a colourful selection of salads such as a rocket and pomegranate tabbouleh, followed by homemade gluten free gnocchi and BBQ lamb chops or falafel pittas, all of which can be accompanied by an exciting drinks menu including fresh juice infused cocktails.

A.O.K Kitchen & Bakery - Humphrey Munson Blog

Downstairs the A.O.K Bakery serves a selection of freshly made patisserie, viennoiserie and a variety of specialty breads created by Sebastien Chiono who is the head baker at The Arts Club. The bakery is filled with daily provisions in dairy and gluten free varieties, all refined sugar free as well as bespoke bakes…

To find out more about the Kitchen & Bakery, visit the website here.

Images, Jean Cazals, A.O.K

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