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We are so excited to see that Amelia Freer is launching a new online course that celebrates the joy of healthy eating. With the world feeling a little crazy and upside down right now, it’s more important than ever to look after our health and wellbeing.

Amelia is a registered nutritional therapist and best-selling author, whose passion for wellbeing has led clients to describe her as a ‘life changing force’. Dubbed ‘Queen of good for you food’, Amelia has teamed up with Create Academy and  thrilled to offer this digital course as the next best thing to seeing her 1-2-1 in the clinic.

A project that has been a year in the making, Amelia and her team have been working hard behind the scenes, pulling together combined decades of experience to create something they are all hugely proud of.

The first online course due to be released on 21st October and is available for pre-order now. The course contains a series of 30 beautifully filmed videos that each last around 10 minutes in length, sharing Amelia’s comprehensive guide to positive nutrition and joyful eating.

The course will bring you right into Amelia’s home, kitchen and even some of her thoughts. Amelia will take you shopping, you’ll see how she cooks, plans meals and potters around her vegetable garden so all the while you are learning Amelia’s way of thinking about food and nutrition.

This will then help you to make informed food decisions that suit your unique needs and tastes, encouraging you to think beyond fads and rules, and focus on a place of joyful, healthful, thriving food freedom.

The videos also come with lots of helpful downloadable course handouts, including 5 brand new cook-along recipes and lots of recommended resources and further reading for those that wish to deepen their understanding of nutrition.

These valuable lessons include: Taking Responsibility, Kitchen Confidence, Preparing to Nourish, Food Philosophy, Setting Goals, Mindful Eating, Shopping Well, Kitchen Kit, explainers on key food groups (including Vegetables, Fruit, Protein, Carbohydrates and Healthy fats), 5 exclusive new cook-along recipes, Digestion, How to Build a Healthy Plate, Plant Based Balance, The Role of Nutritional Supplements, Batch Cooking and Meal Preparation, The Hidden Messages in Food, Joyful Eating for Life and more.

This course will be especially beneficial to anyone feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the past few difficult months. A moment of escapism and a chance to focus on your own wellbeing for a while. In all honestly we probably all deserve a little bit of that. To order your course or to discover more about what’s involved click here.

To find out more about Amelia’s wrk, recipes or if you have any questions visit the website here.

Image: Deborah Panes

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