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Green, luxurious, and peaceful, Bardessono is a Napa Valley hotel and spa experience unlike any other. Nestled in the heart of Yountville, California, Bardessono pride themselves in offering a mindful approach to living the good life.

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“Deep green” with luxury – a subtle aesthetic, privacy, and graciousness, the Bardessono philosophy embraces hospitality with enduring expressions of land and family that fostered and sustained the original Bardessono family farmstead in Napa County.

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More than warmth and welcome, Bardessono is built upon the possibility of a meaningful exchange between the traveler and the host. At Bardessono, the exceptional service, environmental practice, and quality of design creates an unforgettable experience that every guest will remember.

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Bardessono is one of those rare breeds – they do what they say they will do – and consciously act on their environmental values. They believe that making progress on environmental issues comes, in part, from developing working models that provide examples to follow. The model demonstrates two things: a hotel can provide a fully luxurious guest experience and be very green at the same time, and environmental initiatives can be implemented in a manner that is practical, economic and aesthetic. That choice represents a departure within the hotel community. By minimising impacts of construction and design and integrating the most advanced environmental technologies, they have charted an aggressive environmental course.

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Gorgeous woods used throughout the hotel are milled from salvaged trees. Non-toxic, non-allergenic materials were used in construction. Organic linens and cleaning supplies and recycling and composting programs are standard. Products in the restaurant and spa are sourced primarily from local organic or sustainable producers.

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Fresh, innovative garden-based cuisine really captures the Bardessono philosophy of eco-luxe. Deriving their menu from the seasonal offerings in and around Napa Valley, the Lucy Restaurant & Bar offers modern, freshly prepared garden-inspired dishes, artisanal cocktails, and of course, wine. Their culinary philosophy blends modern aesthetic with eco-spirit and every dish is truly “field-to-fork” fare at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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Each and every spa treatment at Bardessono is designed around the needs of the season: purify and renew your vitality in spring, refresh, cool, and soothe during the warmth of summer, in autumn you can relieve stress and restore balance of body and mind and lastly, enhance your immune system and circulation in winter.

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