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As an authorised AGA dealer, we’ve got a 3 oven dual control AGA in our Felsted showroom which we cook on regularly. The AGA Dual Control looks much like a traditional AGA cooker but it features a new low heat setting and can also be switched off completely. What’s more, the two hotplates can be turned on and off independently. This means you can make a reduction in the overall heat input into the room from the cooker when desired and, in turn, reduces the running costs significantly.

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AGA eggs on toast are the quickest and the easiest to make.  We’re very lucky in Felsted to get our eggs from a local farm which means they come in all shapes and sizes.

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We use the boiling plate to make the toast (left hand side) and the simmering plate (right hand side) to make the eggs.

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The famous AGA wire toast has an almost cult following with AGA fans and is available here in the AGA cookshop. You always need to pre-heat the AGA toaster first for a few moments to prevent the bread sticking, especially if it is very fresh. Add the slices of bread to the toaster and then place this on the boiling plate as above. Position the handle so that the toaster hinge isn’t near the lid hinge and lower the lid.

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The key question with AGA toast is when is it ready to turn? If you look for small wisps of steam coming out from somewhere around the closed lid that’s a good indication it’s ready, black smoke is a good indication you’ve left it too long. If you prefer a dryer result, leave the lid up as it is cooking and more moisture will be driven off.

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While the bread is toasting, slide a piece of bake-o-glide onto the simmering plate – this is a special non-stick baking sheet that can be used, washed and used again. Crack the egg into the centre of the plate and put the lid down – because it’s domed the egg cooks perfectly – and it’s completely fat free too.

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You can lift up the lid to check on progress but it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to cook.

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It takes about three minutes to make AGA eggs on toast – super fast, super healthy and super delicious.

For more information about AGA, visit their website here.

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