Humphrey Munson Bespoke Drawer Inserts


Bespoke drawer inserts are are a really key element to any hardworking and well designed kitchen. Think about it, every kitchen has at least a few with dividers for cutlery and utensils – but what if you could have drawers for knives, cups, coffee pods and even spices, all hidden from view?

K N I F E  B L O C K 

A knife drawer insert keeps knives neat and tidy in one place and off the work surface (which is particularly important with little ones). Often located above the bin on the island (which is usually in the space used as the main food prep area), knives are to hand when preparing food at the island or cooking run opposite.

For this cook’s kitchen the knife drawer is the ultimate simple storage solution. Space and layout dependant, a drawer can be designed with a cutlery/ utensil insert also – perfect for food prep!

C U T L E R Y 

More than a mere space to store knives and forks, a cutlery drawer can be tailored for just the basics, or more specialist items. Depending on space and preference, these drawers can be designed with a knife block or larger gaps for utensils etc keeping everything you need for food prep in one place.


At Humphrey Munson we design kitchens that make the most of the available space whilst ensuring a timeless and refined look is achieved, to do this we love to find ways of maximising storage in a way that helps the user in every way. For example a spice drawer designed as part of the cooking runs means you a) don’t need to cross the kitchen to add spices or dried herbs to your simmering pan, and b) when open you can clearly see all of your spices – dispelling the need to root around in cupboards.

A spice drawer is a simple but really amazing way to keep all your dried herbs and spices neat and tidy. Space and personal preference dependant a spice drawer can be small enough to fit on the end of a cabinetry run or a double drawer for seriously keen cooks.

C O F F E E  C U P S

Our clients at the Berkhamstead project had an unusual space which meant for an interesting and innovative design inspired by how the clients used the space day to day. Designed as part of the peninsula, this coffee cup drawer has space for at least 12 large cups which can then be concealed from view once closed. The drawer beneath has pegs that can be moved to allow room for stacked plates of different sizes, whilst preventing them from sliding about in the drawer and getting damaged when the cabinetry is opened and closed.

N E S P R E S S O  P O D S

Ideal for coffee lovers and keen entertainers alike, a drawer insert designed for Nespresso pods as well as cutlery is the best of both worlds. The simple design keeps coffee pods organised and visible when you open the drawer – perfect for keeping stock and grabbing when you crave a quick morning coffee.

Images: Paul Craig

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