Bespoke Kitchen Storage Ideas


One of the major advantages of having a bespoke kitchen made is that you can incorporate a wealth of clever storage solutions into the design of the space. Some of our favourites include integrated trays, chimney niches, pull out shelves and under seating storage to name a few. If you’re searching for kitchen inspiration, scroll down to take a look at some of our favourite bespoke kitchen storage ideas…

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Solutions - Integrated Trays - Humphrey Munson

I N T E G R A T E D  T R A Y S

Integrating trays between cupboards is a really excellent way of preserving valuable counter space and reducing visual clutter. Typically housed in pairs, these integrated trays are always to hand for serving drinks or afternoon tea. Finished here in smoked oak, the integrated trays act as an accent in this Nickleby kitchen – a classic English design – and break up the painted cabinetry very effectively.

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Solutions - Curved Cupboards - Humphrey Munson

C U R V E D  C U P B O A R D S

Curved corners in kitchens are a particularly useful design feature near entrance points as they enable the space to open up more fully than a square edge. In this Georgian-inspired Longford kitchen, the curved base cabinetry is mirrored by the design of the curved corner cupboard in the corner.

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Solutions - Pull Out Shelves - Humphrey Munson

P U L L  O U T  S H E L V E S

The advantage of pull out shelves isn’t actually that they provide additional storage; it’s that they make the contents so much more accessible. This is really useful for heavy or fragile items that you don’t want to have to root through every time you are looking for something.

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Solutions - Under seating storage - Humphrey Munson Blog

U N D E R  S E A T I N G  S T O R A G E

Incorporating storage under bench seating is nothing new, but combining it with other painted cabinetry featuring natural oak accents is something rather more special. Here the combination of butt and bead boarding and classic English panelling creates a feeling of openness and space in the boot room at the Ashurst House project.

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Ideas - Refrigerator Drawers - Humphrey Munson Blog

R E F R I G E R A T O R  D R A W E R S

Even with a large fridge-freezer in a kitchen, it’s a great idea for keen cooks to incorporate a set of refrigerator drawers near the main food prep area. This means that essentials are always close by, and provide additional storage during the holiday season. We love the Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer model which is multi-temperature and converts from refrigerator to freezer function at the touch of a button.

Bespoke Kitchen Design Storage Solutions - Bi-fold doors - Humphrey Munson

B I  –  F O L D  C U P B O A R D S

The Shaker approach was always that everything should have a place so with that in mind, incorporating bi-fold counter-top cupboard doors is a great way to conceal small kitchen appliances like coffee makers and toasters. In the Hadley Wood kitchen project (pictured above) the bi-fold door cupboards sit either side of the range cooker and provide plenty of storage for tea and coffee making facilities, as well as the toaste and waffle maker – all breakfast necessities!

Bespoke Kitchen Storage Solutions - Chimney Niches - Humphrey Munson Blog

C H I M N E Y  N I C H E S

A great way to use otherwise dead space, chimney niches can be either open (as pictured above) or with cupboard doors. Useful for frequently used essentials such as herbs, spices and condiments – the shelves are also adjustable. The niche pictured above is in the Grange kitchen project in Ascot, Berkshire – take a look here for more of the portfolio images.

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