The Best Cookery Schools In England


Whether you are a seasoned cook looking to hone your skills or have little to no cooking experience, cooking courses can be invaluable. A great class can teach you not only the basics of cooking or a new recipes or two, but are perfect for trying out new appliances and picking up top tips from chefs that we personally have found incredibly beneficial. Here is our list of favourite cooking schools from organic classic English cuisine to the fresh zing of Vietnamese dishes …

1. D A Y L E S F O R D 

Daylesford is set in the heart of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire. The 2,350-acre organic farm has a superb cookery school that is a must for anyone with a passion for real organic food.

Daylesford - Cookery School - Humphrey Munson Blog

From classic courses such as ‘Quick & Simple Suppers’ and ‘Seasonal Dinner Parties’, to specialised courses like ‘Artisan Bread Making’, ‘Nose to Tail Butchery’ or ‘Ferments to Eat and Drink’, you’ll find practical and imaginative courses to suit all diets and interests.

Daylesford - Cookery School - Humphrey Munson Blog

Fruits and vegetables used are sourced from the organic Garden Market which grows over 300 varieties of fruit, veg, salad leaves and herbs just 50 metres from the cookery school where guests are given the opportunity to harvest their own ingredients. All dairy including cheeses, milk, cream and yogurt are from the organic creamery and the artisan bread used is from the bakery.

Vegan and vegetarian courses are available as well as meat courses which will include organic cuts of venison and native breeds of lamb and beef, fish and seafood used in the courses are sustainably sourced. For more information on the courses and to book your stay visit the website here.

2. L I M E   W O O D 

Lime Wood is a luxury hotel and spa nestled in the New Forest Park, Hampshire and has an incredible cookery school. Designed to be suitable for everyone from complete beginners to budding chefs, the team prefer a hands on laid back style and they aim to improve your cooking skills and inspire you to cook at home.

Limewood - Cookery School- Humphrey Munson Blog

The purpose of any of their courses is to have fun and get stuck in no matter your cooking ability. Chaos and creation is massively encouraged throughout by Iain who is the cookery school chef and is in love with home cooked food. Iain grew up in the hospitality industry and has experience of having held numerous head chef positions, which he has transferred to the school.

Limewood - Cookery School - Humphrey Munson Blog

Current courses at Lime Wood include: how to make the perfect pizza, pasta for beginners, simple suppers, seasonal courses, vegetarian courses, cakes and puddings and Christmas courses, and many many more.

3. U Y E N  L U U 

Uyen Luu offers hands on demonstrations that will show you how to make up to 10 Vietnamese dishes per course. These typically include Pho noodle soup, Bo La Lot – which is traditionally beef wrapped in lotlot leaves, summer rolls, chicken salad with hot mint, Banh Xeo – sizzling pancake made with rice flour and turmeric powder, roasted spring salmon and oyster sauce, braised pork belly with coconut and cider and banana fritters.

Uyen Luu - Vietnamese Cooking Classes - Humphrey Munson Blog

Uyen will talk about essential ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine, the Yin and Yang of food as well as typical breakfasts, lunches and dinners, health benefits of certain herbs and vegetables and also how to balance flavours of sweet, salty and sour.

Uyen Luu - Vietnamese Cooking Classes - Humphrey Munson Blog

Classes are held at Uyen’s studio in London Fields, Hackney and are as far as she is aware the only Vietnamese courses in London.

4. L A I N S T O N  H O U S E 

We have had the privilege of taking part in the Season’s cookery school at Lainston House recently in Winchester, Hampshire with chef Sylvain Gachot (see more here). Sylvain’s laid back attitude and wealth of knowledge along with the rest of the team made the class a welcoming and engaging place to learn a wealth of cookery schools.

Lainston House - Season's Cookery School - Humphrey Munson Blog

Season’s courses include taste of the mediterranean, art of the BBQ, gourmet chocolate, art of French cooking, how to cook the perfect roast and many many more.

Lainston House - Season's Cookery School - Humphrey Munson Blog

The courses include taste of the mediterranean, art of the BBQ, gourmet chocolate, art of French cooking, how to cook the perfect roast and many many more. Season’s, much like its name suggests bases dishes you cook on seasonal ingredients, many of which are sourced from the garden which is located just off of the main house where guests are invited to pick produce before preparing. For more information and view the full list of courses visit the website here.

5. B R E A D  A H E A D

Located in Borough Market, Pavillion road and Carnaby street in London. Bread Ahead offers a vast range of courses from gluten free workshops, British classics, Scandinavian baking, doughnuts, New York pretzels and bagels, introduction to Italian cooking and the list goes on and on…

With two cookery schools to choose from, the world class master bakers are there to offer guidance and shared experience to guests who range from beginners to more seasoned bakers to show just how easy baking bread can be. Founded by Matthew Jones in 2013 – who had been is the bread business and a bread maker for over 25 years – Bread Ahead now supplies fresh produce daily to Borough Market along with the local restaurants and delis with their wholesale supplying 130 retailers including Harrods who have exclusivity over their amazing Doughnuts.

Half and full day workshops are available all year round.

 Header images, 1 & 2 – Daylesford – 3 & 4 Limewood – 5, 6, & 7 by Uyen Luu – 8 & 9 Humphrey Munson – 10 & 11 Credited to Bread Ahead.

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