Sub-Zero Wine Storage


Sub-Zero & Wolf are known globally for their designs and innovation, and when it comes to integrated wine storage it has to be a Sub-Zero. These specially engineered appliances are by no means ordinary and have a number of features that enables wine to stay at its absolute best for as long as possible. What makes them so special is the fact that they protect bottles from the four enemies of wine – light, heat, humidity and vibration.

To achieve this level of protection, Sub-Zero have designed their wine coolers to fight back against all the enemies of premature ageing. Firstly to protect against light – which can cause unpleasant aromas – the doors are fitted with a UV filtered glass (much for the same reason manufacturers produce dark glass bottles for wine) to protect bottles from harmful UV rays.

Another small but important detail to these units is that they all have smooth sliding shelves that give access to the wine with as little agitation as possible. Should you wish to present a selection of special wine bottles, a display shelf can be lifted up without removing too much storage space for other bottles. Larger coolers like the model pictured above, has five upper shelves and nine lower shelves, holding 86 bottles in total even with a display shelf.

One of the main reasons for smooth sliding shelves is to reduce vibrations which over time is harmful to wine. Another way Sub-Zero tackled this issue is by developing a quiet compressor that lets the bottles rest undisturbed.

The third enemy of wine is heat. Each wine cooler regardless of size has two independent temperature zones which are sealed and digitally controlled. Each zone can be set between 4°c – 18°c to create both cellar like conditions and ready to drink conditions. The microprocessor in each unit ensures temperatures will not fluctuate within more than one degree of the set point which is vital for fine wine.

To ensure both the cork and labels are protected, humidity in each unit is also strenuously controlled. Too little moisture will mean that the cork will inevitably dry out and shrink causing the wine to oxidise. Too much, and the label will peel and rot. Dual evaporators are therefor  included in the design – one for each zone – to maintain a moderate humidity. Perfect for preserving the bottles for both long and short periods of time.

Last but not least is the wood used in the units. Neither vital or essential to the longevity of your bottles, cherry wood is used for the drawers purely because it does not absorb or give off any aromas, therefore the drinker is not influenced into which wine to serve guests. It appears Sub-Zero have thought of everything from protecting the wine to drinking it which is what makes their wine refrigeration so special.

For more information on Sub-Zero wine coolers visit the website here.

Images by Paul Craig.

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