Boot Room Confidential | Cotswolds Country House Project


A classic English boot room through and through, this room is dark and a little moody which we think suits the space down to the ground. The busy family who live in this country house in the Cotswolds absolutely love the outdoors so they spend a lot of time riding, shooting, hunting and walking the dogs.

It was therefore essential to create a hardworking boot room that was not just functional but that suited the family’s lifestyle and was in keeping with the heritage of the house.

As lovers of the outdoors one side of this boot room is dedicated to tall Nickleby cupboards providing closed storage for coats and jackets with pull out drawers below for shoe and boot storage. One side is for the adults and one side for the children.

You may notice that the children’s coat rack is much lower – this bespoke design enables children to take a coat from the rack with ease and they each have a basket above for gloves. The pull out drawers at the base of each ensure finding your favourite pair of wellies or riding boots are easy to find and not jumbled up in a heap at the bottom of the cupboard.

Following on from the coat storage is the sink run which is positioned centrally underneath the sash window that looks out over a courtyard. An extra large Shaws sink sits directly beneath and is perfect for washing down dogs and muddy boots after a long walk.

The sink has a Perrin & Rowe Ionian tap with rinse all finished in aged brass to match the Granger handles and Bardell knobs used on the Nickleby cabinetry. Plenty of countertop space is great for sorting through sports kits and getting everything ready before a big day outdoors.

Beneath the counter top at either end of the sink run are integrated open dog beds that provide a cosy spot for the dogs to curl up in after a long day out beating or shooting.

To make use of all available space and to keep the sink run countertop free of unwanted clutter, there are two recessed artisan shelves which are used to store dog food and treats, it also makes a handy place to store a hamper.

Bench seating with an integrated umbrella rack was top of the wish list for this bespoke boot room, and and also has an artisan shelf and peg hooks above which have been finished in HM’s bespoke Ludgate oak. This works so well with the colour used throughout this room which is called Lock & Load and is produced exclusively by Mylands for Humphrey Munson.

The bench seating also has lift up storage for additional shoes and bags and is the ideal spot to sit and put on boots before heading out for a walk. Behind the bench seating in an integrated umbrella rack to keep them neat, tidy and importantly always in the same place.

Another integral part of this hardworking boot room is the plant room which is completely concealed behind the tall Nickleby doors in the image above. Housing all the necessary equipment in cabinetry and out of sight helps to keep the room looking calm, but everything behind can quickly and easily be accessed when needed.

The Nickleby cabinetry in this boot room has been finished in HM’s own paint colour Lock and Load which compliments the Ludgate oak accent wood perfectly. Aged brass Granger pull handles, Bardell knobs, taps and lighting helps to tie the space together to create a really calm classic feeling space. The wall lights are by Jim Lawrence and the flooring is actually the original flagstones.

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