Utility Room Confidential

Cotswolds Country House Project

If there was ever a dream utility room, this would be it. Sharing the same aesthetic as the rest of this incredible country house project in the Cotswolds, the driving force of the interior design of the room was storage and efficiency. This room in particular has been designed to make weekly chores easier and more organised in a space that really has everything you need.

1.  L A U N D R Y

The main purpose of this utility room is for washing and drying laundry. Two Miele washing machines and two tumble dryers were a must to meet the busy family’s needs and are raised in height for ease of use.

Large loads of washing can be pulled out straight into a basket or transferred straight into one of the tumble dryers rather than bending right down,  while above and below the appliances is yet more storage – the highest of which can be accessed via the movable ladder.

Without a doubt Miele is the preferred appliance choice for HM customers when it comes to the utility room. Miele carries out intensive endurance tests during the development phase in order to meet the highest quality standards.

During these tests, the appliances are expected to wash for 10,000 hours and this involves running a mix of approximately 5000 programmes. Considered functions like the stainless steel suds container which means minimum wear and tear, optimum sound insulation and excellent durability, really make all the difference for some of the hardest working appliances in the home.

2.  S I N K  A R E A

A nice big butler sink area is essential in a utility room and this one sits perfectly underneath the window that looks out onto the garden beyond. You can’t quite see in this photograph above, but the tall cupboard to the left of the door is used for storing vases as this space is also used for flower arranging and just having that additional countertop space makes such a difference in this room.

One of the questions we get asked the most about this utility room is where is the tap from – it’s the Ionian tap by Perrin & Rowe finished in polished nickel to tie in with the hardware used throughout the room.

The Nickleby cabinetry is a simple, refined English design and has a painted finished with classic oak interiors. Below the sink is a cupboard with the popular bespoke HM door racks that are so handy for keeping the most used cleaning products to hand.

3.  B E S P O K E  S T O R A G E 

On the left side of the room is a run of bespoke tall floor-to-ceiling Nickleby cabinetry. As with our kitchens, we design all cabinetry to suit the scale of the room and the needs of the homeowners. This room needed as much storage as possible, so we designed full height cupboards all the way to the ceiling with a ladder rail that ran along providing easy access.

From left to right in this run is a tall double drying cupboard, two integrated Miele column freezers, a single tall cupboard for the ironing board and vacuum cleaner, and a double cupboard with simple shelving to store baskets, hampers and vases.

The Nickleby cabinetry is finished in Tailored Grey, one of our most popular colours produced exclusively for Humphrey Munson by Mylands. The Quilp knobs are finished in polished nickel.

4.  D R Y I N G  C U P B O A R D 

A linen drying cupboard was another must have item for this hardworking utility room. With the house full to the brim at weekends with guests, this thermostatically controlled cupboard provides the perfect spot to dry freshly laundered bed linen, towels and clothing. Again, the interior finish is HM’s classic oak.

5.  D R Y I N G  R A C K

A drying rack finished in classic oak is located conveniently near the washing machine and tumble dryers to finish drying items out of the way. The rack has to be pulled down when in use then pushed back in place when it’s all done.

6.  B A B I N G T O N  N A T U R A L  L I M E S T O N E  F L O O R I N G

A hardworking, high traffic area needs durable flooring. The Babington natural limestone flooring used in this space is super low maintenance and perfect for connecting the indoor and outdoor space.