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Both amateur and professional chefs trust the classic knives from ZWILLING for various tasks in the kitchen. The chef’s knife in particular has a wide, strong blade and a straight cutting edge which you can effortlessly chop vegetables with as well as herbs and meat.

The perfect balance between chrome and carbon is the secret to ZWILLING’s high-quality special steel. The blades, which are marked with the FRIODUR® symbol, are also ice-hardened in a special procedure and are therefore extremely sharp, flexible and resistant to corrosion. The SIGMAFORGE seal provides the precision-forged quality which is made from one piece of steel and guarantees perfect geometry as well as a precise cut.

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At a glance:

  • FRIODUR® ice-hardened blade for exceptional durability of the cutting edge and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless special formula steel, ZWILLING specially fused materials: these knives are robust, corrosion-resistant and flexible at the same time.
  • SIGMAFORGE® knife – one-piece precision forging.
  • Seamless transition between the handle and blade.
  • Ergonomic plastic handle: For fatigue-free and safe working.

We’ve been practising our own chopping skills in the showrooms here at Humphrey Munson…

Caprese Salad:

Chop Like a Pro: | Zwilling Knives - Humphrey Munson Blog

2 large tomatoes 1 mozzarella handful of basil drizzle of olive oil pinch of salt and pepper

  1. Finely slice the tomato and arrange it in a circle around the plate. Drain and slice the mozzarella, and add in between the tomatoes.
  2. Finely slice the shallots and basil. Sprinkle on top. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve.

Images: HM

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