Design Tips For Creating The Perfect Pet Friendly Interiors


As pet lovers at Humphrey Munson, we understand that our four-legged companions are an integral part of our families. Their presence brings joy, love, and sometimes a bit of chaos into our lives. When it comes to designing your homes, it’s important to consider their needs too and create spaces that are not only stylish but also pet-friendly. We wanted to share a few simple tips on how to seamlessly integrate practicality, style, and comfort to ensure a harmonious environment for both you and your beloved pets…

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Pets, especially dogs and cats, can unintentionally cause wear and tear in our homes. When designing pet-friendly spaces, opt for durable materials that can withstand scratches, stains, and paw prints. In the kitchen, consider using pet-friendly flooring options such as limestone or natural effect porcelain, so that are easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

Some wooden flooring like engineered oak can work well, but ensure you choose a tone that has enough grey to knock out any orangey tones, but is natural enough so that you don’t notice scratches! Verbier engineered oak is a great example of this.

In boot rooms, we would always suggest opting for hard-wearing flooring, such as limestone – our bestseller for boot rooms at HM is the Earl Grey limestone followed by the Ragdale limestone, it’s so tough and you don’t notice every little mark!

Pets come with their own set of belongings, from toys to food bowls, leashes, and grooming supplies so incorporating thoughtful storage solutions can help keep these items organised and within easy reach. In boot rooms, install hooks and shelves to hang leashes and store pet accessories neatly. By keeping these items organised, you can maintain a clutter-free and functional space.

Installing a dog shower in your boot room is a brilliant idea for several reasons. First and foremost, it provides a convenient and dedicated space for cleaning and grooming your furry friend. No more struggling to lift them into a regular bathtub or dealing with messy bathroom floors. With a dog shower in the boot room, you can easily rinse off muddy paws and give your canine companion a refreshing bath right after their walk.

It saves time and effort, allowing you to maintain a clean and hygienic home while keeping your pup happy and comfortable. Additionally, the boot room’s proximity to the entrance means you can quickly clean your pet before they track dirt and debris throughout the rest of the house. By incorporating a dog shower, you’re creating a functional and practical space that truly caters to your pet’s needs while effortlessly blending it into your home’s overall design aesthetic.

Including a separate washing machine and tumble dryer in a utility area just for pets is an excellent idea if space allows. The unique needs of our beloved pets require special attention, particularly when it comes to their bedding, blankets, and other accessories. Having a dedicated set of appliances allows you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene specifically for your pet-related items. By separating their laundry from your regular clothes, you can avoid any potential transfer of pet hair, odours, or dander. This not only ensures that your own laundry remains free from any unwanted pet-related elements but also guarantees a thorough and effective cleaning process for your pet’s belongings. With a separate washing machine and tumble dryer, you can choose the most suitable settings and temperatures to tackle tough stains, remove pet hair, and eliminate any lingering odours. This level of care and attention not only promotes a healthier living environment for you and your pets but also extends the life and quality of their bedding and blankets.

When designing your kitchen or boot room, think about the flow of movement for both you and your pets. Create designated areas where they can eat, drink, and rest comfortably, away from busy walkways. For example, include a cozy pet bed or a cushioned bench in the boot room where your furry friend can relax while you put on your shoes.

Pets love spending time outdoors, so it’s important to provide them with easy access to the garden or backyard. Consider incorporating a pet door or a designated pet entrance in your boot room to allow your furry friend to come and go as they please. If a pet door is not feasible, ensure that the boot room has a designated area for leashing up before heading outside. Incorporating a utility sink in the boot room can also be handy for quick pet baths after muddy adventures.

When selecting fabrics and finishes for your kitchen and boot room, opt for pet-friendly options that can withstand wear and tear. Choose stain-resistant fabrics for upholstery and curtains, making it easier to clean up any unexpected accidents.

Opt for paints with a durable finish that can be wiped clean easily. Additionally, consider using pet-friendly wallpapers or tiles that are resistant to scratches and can withstand occasional paw prints.

Designing pet-friendly spaces is all about finding the perfect balance between functionality, style, and the needs of our furry friends. By incorporating durable materials, thoughtful storage solutions, and a pet-friendly layout, you can create harmonious spaces that cater to both you and your pets.

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