Design Your Dream Kitchen | Cabinetry Lighting


Lighting is one of the most integral aspects of a successful design and something we always consider in our design work. There are a few different ways we incorporate lighting into our designs and wanted to share some of our favourite project images with you here as inspiration….

The walk in pantry just off the main kitchen at the Park Lodge project is finished in HM colour ‘Farthing’. This room offers masses of open and closed storage, open artisan shelves holds glassware, tableware and cookware, the worktop below can be used as an additional food prep space or to store larger items like cake stands out of view of the main kitchen.

Task lighting to illuminate the worktops was therefore essential so we recessed lights into the underside of the shelving.

The glazed wall cabinets in this Longford kitchen have timber framed glazed shelves and were designed to store tableware and glassware.

It’s really helpful to see the two sources of lighting in the above image – downlights in the top of the cabinet as well as on the base provide illumination within the cabinetry and below for task lighting. These are on a circuit switch with the lighting set inside the chimney and above the island so that you can easily create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere in the evening.

The breakfast countertop cupboard at the Cambridge project has a bi-folding door finished in HM paint colour Top Hat that opens to reveal a illuminated worktop space for preparing hot drinks and a place to put away the Nespresso coffee machine, shelving above is used to store a microwave and crockery. All our countertop cabinetry lighting comes on automatically on a sensor when you open the door.

For a glazed dresser cabinet, illumination is essential to create a beautiful effect in the evenings. This one has Nickleby cabinetry finished in HM Farthing with polished nickel hardware.

Above is the snug cabinetry in the Cranbrook project which has Longford cabinetry finished in HM Farthing Pale.

Above is the same cabinetry with the shelving illuminated thanks to discreet integrated lighting installed with the cabinetry. All our lighting can be dimmable and we discuss this aspect of the design with the contractor team to ensure they are compatible with the underlying lighting system.

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