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We have been huge fans of Diane Hill for quite some time here at HM and are avid followers of her stunning instagram page. For those who don’t already know, Diane Hill is a London based artist and proud mum of two who specialises in beautiful artwork inspired by a style popular in the 18th century called Chinoiserie (pronounced ‘shin-waa-zuh-ree’).

Every piece of art by Diane is a masterpiece from her one of a kind silk wallpapers, hand-painted murals, original signed artworks for luxury interiors, private residences and hotels and not to mention her truly lovely iphone cases. Diane offers a tailored service and works with both private clients as well as some of the worlds leading interior design teams.

Diane always spends time to understand her client’s brief, from original discussions to samples and the final sign off – her aim is the deliver the unique design they had envisaged.

‘I became particularly interested in antique Chinoiserie wallpapers, for their bright bold patterns and scenic storytelling. During a trip to China I learnt the unique skill of watercolour painting using natural Chinese brushes on silk paper.

I pay meticulous attention to achieving beautiful blended gradients which give my paintings a sense of depth, as well as ultra fine details using precision brushes.

I collect inspiration from historical reference books, Asian art and ancient techniques, to adapt these classic designs for modern interiors.’

Diane Hill

Diane’s new collection of botanical and bird limited edition art prints features flora and fauna of India’s vibrant heritage all effortlessly brought to life by Diane’s talented, steady hands! Here are a few of our favourites:

The Lesser Flamingo features a finely detailed lesser flamingo which was originally hand painted with precision brushes. This pink beauty will add a touch of vibrant luxury to your home and is designed to pair with the Sarus Crane piece for a duo effect.

The Golden Oriole and pride of India pictured above is another limited edition piece. The beautiful combination of bird and botany will add a touch of life and vintage warmth into a space and has been created to pair with the Golden fronted leaf bird (seen below).

This close up of the Golden Fronted Leaf Bird and Powder Puff shows the exquisite attention to detail. Each of these limited edition artworks are hand signed, numbered and stamped with a unique embossed logo certifying authenticity.

Diane Hill also offers an exquisite collection of phone cases featuring intricate designs all made in the UK. The luxury cases are a high quality, matt finish and retain all the fine details of the original hand paintings. The Mariya design, pictured above was originally hand-painted onto pure silk and was inspired by the Chinese paint technique ‘Gongbi’, a meticulously detailed style which executes the highest level of precision and detail.

To find out more about Diane Hill or to see her truly lovely website, click here. Images: Diane Hill

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