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Effortless comfort should always be an uncompromising and essential focus when choosing dining chairs for your home. All Humphrey Munson seating has been designed with comfort in mind, but the Havisham dining chair, is a firm favourite amongst clients and interior designers looking to specify an elegant, solid and timeless dining chair.

HaVisham dining chair with portobello oak frame, mix of leather and fabric upholstery

havisham dining chairs and Lexington table arrived thursday, were immediately put to use for a ten person dinner on friday…. result – absolutely extraordinarily comfortable and look fantastic. Downside is we couldn’t get rid of our guests until 1am…!! seriously, thank you so much hM – we are delighted with our new dining room furniture.

Mr & Mrs Carrick

The classic contemporary design of the Havisham dining chair lends itself perfectly to modern living. With paired back elegance at the forefront of the design, the Havisham also needed to be a comfortable place to reside, whether it’s for a few minutes or over many hours during a lengthy dinner party…

The solid wood frames are handmade using traditional joinery techniques and can be finished in our range of bespoke accent oak finishes to help you tie everything together with the main kitchen and / or dining space. 

havisham dining chair with portobello oak frame and perennials performance upholstery

Every chair designed by Humphrey Munson includes the bespoke lumbar support located at the base of the seat which was an integral part of Peter Humphrey’s design process for the Havisham chairs – the original and first dining chair design by HM. The lumbar support allows you to sit straight with a good posture for your back and zero slouching.

havisham dining chair with ledbury oak frame & perennials upholstery

We have various leather and performance fabric options available to ensure the chairs stay looking as good in their tenth year and they do in the first. We always recommend Perennials for the performance upholstery as the ability to clean red wine stains out with Flash bleach is absolutely a must! Watch this video if you don’t believe us – it is a complete gam changer for upholstery in a kitchen / dining setting.

havisham dining chairs with portobello oak frame & leather upholstery

The Havisham is available in a dining chair and counter stool. The seating upholstery is available in the finest quality Italian leather or Perennials performance fabric to assist you in creating a beautiful, but highly practical finish perfect for relaxing family-centric living.

The Havisham dining chair prices start from  £1,165.00 including VAT and delivery within the UK mainland. All furniture by HM is available to order for delivery in the UK and we can ship worldwide. For more information, visit the Humphrey Munson shop here or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us on +44 (0) 1371 821300 or email info@humphreymunson.co.uk.

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