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The oven is without a doubt one of the most important appliances in a hard working kitchen. With so many range cookers and built-in oven options out there, choosing the perfect oven can be tricky. For the North Cornwall project however the Gaggenau 200 series oven was just right to give the family flexibility to cook for small intimate dinners, or entertaining on a large scale.

The Gaggenau 200 series is the ideal oven both aesthetically and functionally. The precision we have come to expect from Gaggenau has been paired wonderfully with an understated and cool, refined look. One thing we really love aesthetically about these ovens is that they are flush fitting. This means they do not protrude from the cabinetry and give the space one clean line for a really balanced look and feel. Available in anthracite, metallic and silver finishes they suit both classic and contemporary kitchen designs, and the handle comes as standard.

Gaggenau 200 series oven -North Cornwall kitchen project - Humphrey Munson Blog

It’s not all about looks though. With 13 heating methods the oven provides a simple and fuss free cooking experience whether you need to prove dough, roast vegetables or defrost food. One of our favourite cooking methods at Humphrey Munson has got to be the bake stone function. A bake stone can be purchased separately and is attached to a cooking element at the back of the oven, this is a must for pizza lovers whether you are cooking them from scratch or buying from a grocery store. Creating that perfectly crisp bottom that you come to expect from the perfect pizza.

Another favourite has got to be the temperature probe. There is nothing worse than buying a beautifully tender fillet of beef from the butchers to impress your guests, than for it to then be ruined by an inaccurate cooking time in the oven. With the temperature probe your fillet of beef is saved because you can easily set the internal temperature to achieve rare, medium or well done depending on how you like it.

Cleaning is just as easy as cooking with the Pyrolytic (self-cleaning) function. During self-clean the oven heats up to 485°c and burns off any roast, grill or baking remainders. Once finished you simply wipe out any ash out of the interior – it really is superb for busy family life.

The Gaggenau 200 series oven is well and truly the ideal all-rounder luxury oven. If you don’t believe us try one for yourself at the Gaggenau experience centre London, to find out more about our kitchens call us on 01371 821300, or email the team at

Images: Paul Craig

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