Gaggenau Rotisserie | Crispy golden chicken


The Gaggenau rotisserie spit is available with the Gaggenau 400 series oven (BO481112) and the EBE333 90cm oven. These ovens are designed for home use but create professional results and the rotisserie spit has swiftly become one of our favourite methods of cooking chicken.

The rotisserie spit is set up on the tray with a rod that inserts into the back of the oven, providing the winding mechanism to turn the rotisserie. The chicken is always perfectly juicy and moist with crispy golden skin all over. You can season or marinate the chicken beforehand, but for this recipe we simply added a little sea salt and black pepper.

In the tray below we added new potatoes, whole bulbs of garlic sliced in half, red onion, some dried chillies, lemon and salt and pepper. After 50 minutes the chicken was cooked perfectly and the potatoes below were gently roasted with crispy edges and a delicious flavour.

The setting we use for the Gaggenau rotisserie is Full surface grill with circulated air @ 190C. This organic chicken weighed around 1.2 kg and took 50 minutes to cook. Always check the temperature using a meat thermometer. For HM clients considering these Gaggenau ovens please get in touch if you’d like a demonstration at your next design meeting and we can arrange this. For more information about Gaggenau please visit their website here.

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