George Scott Rides | Andalucia Spain


Ever wanted to explore the glories and drama of the Spanish countryside? George Scott Rides provide truly enchanting and utterly unique adventures that are full of endless views, incredible food & drink as well as surprises along the way.

Set in the Sierra Morena region of Northern Andalucia, bordering both Extremadura and Portugal, is an area of untouched and extreme landscape which seem further from the coastlines and famous cities synonymous with Spain than the 300km that separate them.

The safaris includes expeditions over mountains, along ancient bridleways, following forge rivers and the majestic Rio Guadalquivir, through oak and cork forests and across open meadows both carpeted in wildflowers and abundant with wildlife.

Riding for around 5 hours a day and taking breaks along the way for tapas or simply to admire the view, enjoying lazy picnic lunches in stunning settings and finishing the day with an unthinkably romantic candle-lit dinner under a canopy of stars. After this long day in the wilderness, you will then be sleeping in Rajasthani tents truly at one with nature.

Whether you opt for the three- or five-day riding safari you are guaranteed to leave Spain with a sense of freedom and calm.

Safaris are seasonal and run from Mid March to Mid June and again September through Mid November; take a look here to book your adventure.

Images: Sophy Roberts

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