Humphrey Munson Storage Solution | Swan Neck Drawers


Swan neck drawers are an integral part of many of our kitchen projects where client want to maximise every last drop of easy-access storage in their kitchen. Hidden behind what looks like a regular double cupboard door, the swan neck drawers slide out to reveal a tidy way to store a multitude of different items. Depending on the area of the kitchen and what you like to cook most swan neck drawers are ideal to be used as baking storage, pots and pans, tableware, even food.

Made using traditional joinery techniques, the swan neck drawer has dovetail joints which not only look aesthetically pleasing but ensure strength and longevity for the drawer itself. On the same note, the drawers sit on the best soft-close drawer runners in the world which are designed to last forever and won’t slam when you slide them back into the cupboard.

The swan neck drawers at this Georgian kitchen project in Leicestershire are finished in Berkeley oak which looks so wonderful against the ‘Tailored Grey’ exterior cabinetry paint colour. The drawers are filled with pots, pans and other cooking items that can be grabbed and taken to the island for food prep nearby.

Finished in Classic oak the swan neck drawers in the Longford Kitchen, St. Albans showroom are used to keep jars of breakfast and baking goods neat and tidy. When you open the drawers you can clearly see what and how much you have in the jars ready for that Sunday afternoon baking session.

The swan neck drawers in the Spenlow kitchen, St. Albans showroom provides easy access to baking equipment for the countertop baking cupboard above and expel the need to have to root around in the back of cupboards, thus providing the functionality of a drawer with the look of a cupboard.

It’s not all about function though, the interior is finished in Smithfield oak which works so well with the grey painted cabinetry – we just love this weathered oak finish so much.

Finished in Smithfield oak the swan neck drawers in the Nickleby kitchen, Felsted are located to the right of the cooking run and are used to store away John Julian tableware and mixing bowls.

One last example is this beautiful set of swan neck drawers at the Georgian farmhouse kitchen in Hampshire which is used for tableware and saucepans.

Images: Paul Craig

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