How to design the ultimate bootility room


The rise and rise of the bootility room is showing no sign of abating and our clients love to have spaces that not only look amazing but work really well too. For us it’s essential to combine function with comfort, a classic style that won’t date and the little design details that make a space go from run-of-the-mill to really handsome.

A proper bootility room has everything you need for laundry so think appliances for washing and drying, a large sink, space for drying things that can’t go in a tumble dryer, housekeeping items, iron and ironing board, vacuum, mop and bucket plus anything else you need to keep in there – pet food / bowls / kit. Then you have the boot room elements which is focused on storage for coats and boots and school bags.

Inevitably with all design a little compromise may be required, but think about what is most important to you and prioritise accordingly.

1/ Laundry Appliances

If space allows use tall cabinetry to position the appliances at a mid-lower height – it can be a godsend for those with lower back issues.

Alternatively, if space is at a premium, you can stack the washing machine and tumble dryer in cabinetry housing or open as the example below.

2/ Sink Area

We always love a butler sink in the utility room, they are roomy and great for hand washing and even useful for hosing off small dogs after muddy walks!

Space either side is helpful and you can add a rinse spray and draining grooves if washing sports kits and boots is required in your household…

3/ Thermostatically Controlled Drying Cupboard

Probably the most requested element in a utility or boot room from HM clients, the almost ubiquitous drying cupboard is thermostatically controlled with a mix of hanging and shelf space for drying clothes that can’t go in the tumble dryer.

As with all our cabinetry, the drying cupboards are made in bespoke sizes to suit the space.

4/ Housekeeping Cupboard

A full height cupboard for the ironing board, iron, vacuum and various cleaning products is so useful in a bootility room. It all has to go somewhere so design the space with practical storage in mind.

St Albans II Project | Humphrey Munson

This housekeeping cupboard provides masses of storage for the everyday cleaning products but also dog bowls and tins for dog food.

5/ Tall storage for coats and boots

If you can fit this in, a tall cupboard for coats and boots is so useful so you’re not bombarded with a million jackets and coats and shoes and boots strewn all over the place.

Behind closed doors you’d never know it’s all there… a mix of hanging space and boot storage is always helpful…

6/ Bench seat with artisan shelf & hooks

Sandwiched between two tall cupboards (one for laundry appliances and one for housekeeping) is a handy bench seat with coat hooks above.

A slightly smarter version with storage above for baskets.

One of our recent projects at Gerrards Cross has the perfect example of a bootility and works so well for the family who live here. It was designed to suit their needs and the size / space of the room.

Design details for Gerrards Cross II Project

Cabinetry Design: Nickleby Cabinetry Interior Finish: HM Berkeley Oak Cabinetry Exterior Finish: HM Goose Iron Handles: HM Pip & Rudge Handles Hardware Finish: Brushed Brass Worktops: CRL Knightsbridge Quartz

To see more of this project click here.

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