How To Plan An Outdoor Kitchen


At Humphrey Munson we are definitely seeing a rise in the demand for outdoor kitchens. We don’t have to be the ones to tell you that the world has gotten even crazier than normal over the past year so the luxury of retreating to the sanctuary of the home has never been more appealing. As well as creating incredible interior spaces at home, the garden in particular has been taking its place in the spotlight.

Just like the indoor kitchen, the key to a successful outdoor kitchen design is the zoning of the space – think about all the usual things like food prep, cooking and clearing away and make provision for those activities accordingly.

In terms of the actual positioning of the kitchen think about the sun and where it is during the afternoons and early evening which will be the time this outdoor kitchen is most in use.

For the cabinetry we use Iroko which is an extremely hardwearing timber. Combined with stainless steel hardware, these materials ensure the longevity of the Markham design cabinetry. The Markham design is a slightly more contemporary kitchen design intended to suit the formal design of the country garden, and emphasises the balance of simplicity, scale and proportion which are the underlying design principles of each and every Humphrey Munson kitchen.

When considering the layout of the space be sure all the key spaces and requirements are perfectly zoned. The layout of the outdoor kitchen, Felsted above has spaces for food prep, cooking and grilling, and of course, for clearing away. The left-hand side of the kitchen pictured above (outdoor kitchen Felsted) is the cooking run, which features a Wolf outdoor gas grill. It’s a luxurious choice, Wolf have taken outdoor cooking to the next level with this behemoth of a barbecue which has become a firm favourite to outdoor kitchen goers. And of course, it’s not just a ‘grill’, it includes a searing zone and infra-red rotisserie spit as standard perfect for both experienced keen outdoor cooking connoisseurs and novices alike.

Although it may get dark later in the warmer months, illumination is an element worth considering in the very early stages and it’s far easier to include before work begins rather than once installed. Plumbing and electrics also need to be kept in mind for outdoor kitchens that will involve a sink and refrigeration etc.

A timber gazebo will provide shelter from the direct sunlight and protection from the elements during the winter months. Always incorporate a seating area that can be scaled up or down according to your entertaining needs. The Orchard house outdoor kitchen also has a bar incorporated so that you can perch with a drink or a nibble whilst they chat to the person cooking on the Wolf outdoor gas grill, an outdoor dining table is located nearby for a more formal meal or for evenings when the family is together.

Durable flooring that can withstand high traffic and few spills here and there is a must. The Wykeham sandstone pictured above by HM Flooring Library (as seen in the outdoor kitchen above) is a beautiful, hard-wearing, low maintenance choice. Outdoor kitchen prices start from £20,000, to find out more please call us on 01371 821300 or email us at

Images: Paul Craig

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