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The Vincent Sheppard Joe Counter stool has become a kitchen island staple in many Humphrey Munson projects. Aside from the Havisham counter stool, you’ll notice the Joe Counter stool provides the perfect place to sit with a coffee and laptop to catch up on morning emails or a place for guests to perch with an aperitif before dinner.

If you’ve not heard of Vincent Sheppard previously, the company has been designing and manufacturing exceptional indoor and outdoor furniture since 1992. The company is a market leader in Lloyd Loom furniture, which is a technique where kraft paper is twisted around metal wire and woven into unique pieces. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted to perfection by skilled craftsmen in Belgium where teams of painters, seamstresses and designers all work together with an eye for details and a lot of care for these beautiful products.

To elaborate a little more, the Lloyd Loom weave is made from twisted Kraft paper with one hand which is spun around a steel wire on the other hand. With just the twisted paper as the warp and the steel and paper combination as the weft, Lloyd Loom is produced on rolls in just the same way as textiles. The Loom sheets are submerged in a bath of glue to ensure the firmness and are then cut to the proper size.

Subsequently, Vincent Sheppard’s highly skilled craftsmen shape and staple the loom sheets to the rattan or wooden furniture frames by hand, thus producing a smooth and attractive finish that won’t (unlike normal wicker) snag clothing or skin – plus it looks incredible.

The Joe Counter stool is one of our most popular stools because of its simplicity and is the perfect height to sit under a worktop. The vast selection of colour options make it an easy choice to match your kitchen.

If however, you aren’t able to find a colour you feel matches, Vincent Sheppard offer a RAL colour matching service which costs and additional 10% – a small thing when you are making a big decision. As well as a multitude of colour options, there’s also four frame options to choose from which includes matt (£513 incl. VAT each) and black (£495 incl. VAT each) for a more customisable look.

Like anything, Lloyd Loom is hardwearing but not indestructible and will need to be maintained. For example indoor furniture cannot be left outside. To make outside furniture, a specific technique was developed in order to make the material waterproof and can thus be left outside – perhaps not in extreme weather conditions though.

To wipe off spilled drinks etc a moist towel and natural mild soap should do the trick, if a major incident has occurred however, touch up kits etc are available online here.

Delivery on Vincent Sheppard counter stools is usually 10-12 weeks (time of year depending) and can only be ordered through an authorised dealer. To place an order, please contact us on 01371 821300 or by email to

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