Design Notes | Antique Effect Mirror Splashback


A much sought after, but greatly underestimated feature in the majority of our kitchen projects is the antique effect mirrored splashback. Ideal for both smaller and expansive spaces alike, antique effect mirror splashbacks create an impressive feature when incorporated behind cooking runs.

Using an antique effect mirror as a splashback is a clever way of bouncing light across the room which is particularly handy in smaller darker space (an in many cases much larger rooms too) and also means the person cooking can see what’s happening behind them. A great addition if you’re cooking for children sat at the island completing homework before dinner or sat nearby. It gives almost any kitchen an understated ‘wow’ factor and prevents the chimney area from becoming a dark recess in the room.

Specially toughened to withstand heat, these splashbacks are custom made to order by Humphrey Munson and are finished with a trim typically painted in the same colour as the overmantel which frames it wonderfully.

The closer you look the more you’ll notice the mottled antique effect which disguises any splashes during cooking making it a low maintenance option too in the long-term. As it’s one large piece of mirror essentially, it’s really easy to clean clean. All you need is regular glass cleaner – no special lotions or potions – perfect for busy (and often messy) family life.

The largest antique effect mirror splashback that’s been photographed is at the Gerrards Cross project (pictured above). This particular project has not just one but two kitchens (a main kitchen with an AGA, and a prep kitchen with Miele appliances), the large space has been designed for both family life and entertaining, guests can perch at the island with an aperetif whilst the cook chats to them through the splashback whilst preparing dinner at the AGA. As well as keeping eye contact with others in the rooms it’s also preventing this part of the kitchen from feeling dark as the splashback bounces the light back across the space and creates a huge sense of openness.

The smallest antique effect mirror splashback is installed in the Cambridge project. A small but perfectly formed project designed for cosy country living at its most luxurious. To see everything in-between and to give you more of an idea on how an antique effect mirror splashback impacts spaces of all shapes and sizes, see a selection below:

View the Barnes Village project here.

View the Bedfordshire project here.

View the Worcestershire project here.

View the Weybridge project here.

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