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A walk in pantry has become a much sought after affair in the world of kitchens. We love this example at the Kent project, which has everything you could ever want (or need) safely concealed behind two doors close to the main kitchen/ dining area.

Located just off an open plan kitchen/ dining space (with a hidden sitting room just a few paces away too) it’s ideally located for both food prep or grabbing a quick film snack whilst the family debate on which blockbuster to put on next.

When open, soft warm lighting reveals dark painted Nickleby cabinetry finished in HM’s paint colour ‘Soot’ – a bespoke colour to Humphrey Munson made exclusively by Mylands. Using natural earth pigments, this is a deep moody green / black, with a subtle sheen which works particularly well with the weathered bronze handles on the drawers and the light quartz worktops.

The pantry finish is the same of that used on the kitchen island as well as the hardware and worktops which are the same throughout the project to help maintain a sense of flow and continuity.

The first thing you notice when looking at this pantry is the open shelving which offers a multitude of storage for everything from Kilner jars to small chopping boards and vases. Butt & bead panellelling to the backs of the cabinetry offers an additional aesthetic detail.

Beneath the open shelving is worktop space which can be utilised for both storing are larger items such as bread tins, cake stands, baskets of food and fruit bowls. The worktop is also ideal for keeping large platters, cakes etc out of the way when entertaining or for food prep when there’s lot going on in the kitchen.

Beneath the worktop as you look straight at the pantry are four deep drawers that can be used for larger more unsightly items – such as large packs of flour, or perhaps goodies that you want to hide away out of sight so that you are less tempted to snack between meals.

Either side of the pantry beneath the worktop and the pantry ladder rail are deep open shelves used to store large vases, hampers and other, less used larger items that would usually be milling about in the back of a cupboard or on a worktop.

We designed around the structural steel support and were able to include two nooks either side to provide accessible storage (rather than blanking it off).

One other thing that you might now immediately notice is the two rails on either side of the pantry beneath the worktop. These have been designed for a pantry ladder to sit on (can be spotted to the lower left side of the image) finished in HM Berkeley oak and are ideal for reaching high shelves with ease. These rails are also a great place for storing tea towels and oven gloves out of sight of the main kitchen.

Please note, walk in pantries are only available as part of a kitchen project, if you’d like to find out more about a Humphrey Munson kitchen feel free to call us on 01371 821300 or email info@humphreymunson.co.uk.

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