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LuxDeco is a global luxury interiors platform that has become a firm favourite for interior designers and homeowners alike; same for us, we are big fans…

LuxeDeco | Think Big, Shop Small - Interiors - Humphrey Munson Blog

We wanted to share the news that LuxDeco have launched ‘Think Big, Shop Small‘ campaign to help support small and independent businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak.

“LuxDeco’s focus is bringing the world’s finest design brands to an international audience through e-commerce. Many of those brands are small and independent brands and artisans who may not necessarily have reserves to withstand the supply and demand shocks that the outbreak of Coronavirus has triggered. Many have been forced to close bricks and mortar stores and some do not have the e-commerce or digital marketing resources to aid them during what is clearly an unprecedented time. ‘Think Big, Shop Small’ is designed to bring these brilliant small brands and artisans to the attention of our customers and to provide them with the exposure, resources and tools they need in order to prevail.” – Jonathan Holmes, Founder & CEO of LuxDeco.

The campaign has been designed to support independent and small businesses design brands and artisans that actually constitute a large portion of the global interiors industry and without initiatives like this one, would be hit the hardest during the Coronavirus outbreak. Incredibly the small and independent design brands and artisans involved already include Quintessa, Alexandra Shorey, Pinetti, Diane James and many many more.

LuxeDeco | Think Big, Shop Small - Interiors - Humphrey Munson Blog

The exciting new ‘Think Big, Shop Small’ initiative will see LuxDeco deliver a variation of new commitments that include the following:

  • LuxDeco is doubling its advertising and marketing spend for the next 30 days in order to promote the smaller brands.
  • A 10% discount on all products will be offered from the smaller brands for the next 30 days, at LuxDeco’s cost, to encourage purchases.
  • Providing free warehousing opportunities for the brands that require it.
  • LuxDeco will also provide fully designed, downloadable and customisable marketing resources, for example: store window signage which redirects customers to as well as social posts, email marketing templates and other marketing materials that smaller brands can use to alert their customers that although they may be closed, customers can still buy their products at

Another thing LuxDeco are doing to keep both staff and customers safe is to offer a no contact delivery service and indefinite storage of purchases from smaller brands until a delivery time of the customer’s choosing.

LuxeDeco | Think Big, Shop Small - Interiors - Humphrey Munson Blog

To find out more or to get involved, visit the LuxDeco website here and look out for a banner that looks like the above image.

Images: LuxDeco, Paul Craig

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