Ondine Cookware


Hand-crafted titanium cookware, designed to last generations.

“Cooking for my family and friends is my passion. Memorable meals use outstanding ingredients, but that purity must be complemented with cookware unsurpassed in quality and so beautiful that you’d want to show it off on any table.”


Each piece of Ondine cookware has been engineered to the highest standards of function and form. It is constructed from three melded alloys, to give a perfectly consistent heat conduction regardless of whether you are cooking on gas or induction.

Each cooking surface is finished with high-grade 316ti titanium stainless steel to give every cook the purest culinary experience. The handles are individually cast in brass, with a hand-polished, high-shine finish.

Ondine are proud to use the highest grade 316ti titanium stainless steel, which we consider the very best cookware material available. Each piece is hand-crafted and hand-assembled by skilled artisans and Marie worked with top craftsmen for five years to create the collection.

Each detail was carefully conceived as an expression of her design philosophy: to create pieces that embody function, durability and exceptional aesthetic quality.

As with any piece of true luxury, Ondine cookware was created not just to be used, but to be treasured, and to become part of a lifetime’s experience of sharing food with friends and family. Marie’s memories of cooking alongside her mother as a child are at the core of the Ondine philosophy, with the kitchen as the heart of their home.

Born from this love of food and family, each Ondine design has been considered for experience from oven to table, crafted to be used and used again by this generation, and the next.

We are huge fans of Ondine cookware and love to use the pieces we have in our showrooms for various recipes including this baked red Thai curry which is always a total winner.

Cookware pricing from £285.00 – £2,990.00.

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Images: Paul Craig

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