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Amelia Freer is a registered nutritional therapist with multiple qualifications and is dedicated to helping others adopt a healthier life through optimum nutrition. Amelia’s passion for the power of food combined with past health issues led her to train in multiple areas of nutrition and now has bestselling books under her belt. If you read the HM blog regularly, you’ll know we just cannot get enough of her amazing recipes and nutritional advice, so we recently caught up with Amelia to discover more about the day in the life of a nutritional therapist and what it’s like being a mum for the first time…

What is your background and why did you become a Nutritional Therapist?

I was introduced to Nutritional Therapy when seeking solutions for my own health. I suffered with very bad acne and digestive problems as well as fatigue, brain fog and a poor immune system, I was always getting ill. Once I started taking guidance from a nutritional therapist and changed the way I ate, I was astounded by how quickly my health improved. And I was fascinated to learn more. So, I decided to study Nutritional Therapy at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond, which was a 4-year diploma course. Once I had graduated, I was so much better and decided to set up my practice and start helping others achieve the same.

Can you describe a typical day in the life?

Before my daughter Willow was born, I would walk my dogs, make breakfast then start work, liaising with my team and publishers, then maybe seeing or speaking with clients. I’d always make time for a proper lunch and get out for some fresh air. Then in the afternoon I’d focus on whatever project I’m working on, and admin, so much admin! My job is really varied, which I love. Since Willow arrived, I’m lucky if I manage to get dressed and eat before lunchtime! It is certainly a very different and new kind of day.

What are your go-to recipes for having guests over? 

Usually something simple like roast chicken with roasted vegetables and a fresh green salad with a lemony dressing. In summer, probably fish and salad. Always lots of vegetables. We have a kitchen garden and so that dictates what vegetables and fruits I use. I far prefer to enjoy my friends company than to be stuck in the kitchen trying to create something complicated and fancy.

What is your kitchen like at home and what is your favourite part / appliance? 

Our kitchen is quite traditional as we live in an Elizabethan house. I have a huge island with a white marble surface that I love. My favorite appliance as to be the hot water tap. It’s genius.

What are your most loved interior design brands? 

I am a bit of an antique lover so I like to hunt out unusual finds. But I also like brands like Flamant. And The White Company always has some wonderful bits for entertaining.

We love your books at Humphrey Munson and love trying out your recipes, do you have plans to release a fourth?

Thank you. Yes, I would love to do a fourth and am currently brainstorming ideas so… let’s see…

What’s your favourite place for food / drinks and to relax?  

I love a cosy country pub and we have a few lovely ones where we live in Wiltshire.

It’s obviously an exciting time for you with your new daughter, Willow. What plans have you got for the rest of 2018?

Well I am just dipping my toes back into a little work here and there but I am mostly still relishing in Willow being here. However, I love my work and so I can’t stop completely and have some very exciting projects and events coming up later in the year. We’ll see how I manage to juggle being a mummy and working as currently I am not quite sure what I am doing! But Willow is my main priority and so I’ll see what work I can fit around her.

For more information about Amelia’s work, please take a look here.

All images credited to Amelia Freer’s website and taken by her in house team – image pull from Amelia’s Instagram.

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