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We were delighted to work with Concept8 Architects on a recent project in Cobham and were so impressed with their imaginative, original and creative approach to architectural design. Mufajel Chowdury set up Concept8 in 2006 and has been specialising in residential architecture of all scales since. We caught up with Mufajel for this Q&A:

When was Concept8 Architects formed and what was the original idea behind the practice?

We formed as a part time business, in 2006, worked out of our loft, primarily undertaking basic planning drawings for lofts and extensions, however our focus was to work towards undertaking design led residential projects.  We took the leap to hire staff and move to dedicated offices in 2012 and have not looked back since.

Can you describe how the architectural approach you have at Concept8 differs from other practices?  

Our focus is on trying to consider the context in detail to ensure the architecture responds to it as best as it can.  We couple this with ensuring flow, daylight and connection to the outside are paramount to our spaces.

What would you say inspires you most when it comes to a new project?

Without a doubt it is the people we serve.  No 2 clients are the same and our projects allow us to make a profound difference to the lives they live in their homes.

What should a client think about prior to engaging an architect for their project?

Make sure they have a clear vision of what might be possible and always stay open to try out new ideas.

Do you have any advice for anyone who is hoping to create a space that connects the interior and exterior of their home?   

I would say that they might want to think of the outside as part of the living space, and consider how in the UK this asset can be used more.

We loved working with your team on the Cobham II Project, what was the original brief / inspiration for the project from an architectural viewpoint? 

Our brief by the client was to try and make better use of their garden and have the ability to be outside more.  They loved the idea of making the kitchen and family room brighter and more functional and better connected to the garden.  We used timber and glass as the primary materials to create the best possible visual connection while also offering a warm pallet of colour.  The introduction of louvres allowed us to manipulate sunlight and shadows at different times of the day.

What is next on the horizon for Concept8?

We have a number of very exciting design led new build projects, some in fantastic locations.  We are keeping fingers crossed for our first international project in Japan, and we also have a series of project due for handover to the clients over the coming months… finally in November we will be celebrating our 15 year anniversary, so hope to mark that milestone with past and present clients and colleagues.

How should prospective clients get in touch to discuss their projects?

Initially we would always direct clients to our website so they can better get a feel for what we are about and our strengths.  Then a call to the studio or an initial e-mail to set up a detailed discussion.  We also encourage potential clients to come and visit us at the studio.

For more information about Concept8 please click here.

Images: Paul Craig

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