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The tap that does it all – the Quooker CUBE is a 3-in-one tap and tank combination that provides sparkling, cool filtered and boiling hot water all in one place. But it’s more than just a tap, it’s a total game changer.

The Quooker CUBE tank combined with a Pro3 tank essentially means that you have the ability to fill a large pan with water or get a cool drink out of the same tap – ultimately providing a convenient and sleek space saving look for your kitchen worktop, or you can combine the cube with other taps if you’d prefer a more conventional look – the choice is yours.

Quooker CUBE - Cocktail recipe - Humphrey Munson Blog

One thing we particularly love about the Quooker CUBE is that it helps dispel the need for plastic bottles. If you love sparkling water but are conscious of the effect the plastic is having on our eco system, the Quooker offers a solution. With sparkling water literally ‘on tap’ all you have to do is push-turn the tap ring (this will flash blue) and as if by magic sparkling water flows out. With roughly enough CO2 for 60 litres of sparkling water. Sparkling water on tap is made even better when you realise it’s perfect for summer ‘mocktails’, this recipe for elderflower, blueberry and mint virgin cocktail is always a refreshing winner.

The CO2 container itself can easily be replaced via the Quooker website. Returning the CO2 cylinders is easy too. Quooker recommend ordering a set of four shortly after installation of the CUBE which once empty are to be sent back free of charge. Why do this? Returning the empty cylinders means they can be re-used for both sustainability and keeping costs at a minimum for consumers.

One of the main things we notice about the Quooker CUBE is that the water tastes better (bear with us) this is due to the fact that the CUBE is fitted with an active carbon filter and a hollow fibre filter to eradicate bacteria, chloride, chemicals and pesticides from the water meaning it is better for you and comes with the added bonus of tasting more crisp and natural – as water should be.

For 100°c boiling hot water all you need to do is double push then turn the tap ring (this will flash red). The tap is insulated to ensure the spout is not too hot to touch should you need to turn it or adjust the height when filling large pots and pans. The fine spray produced also helps to prevent burns meaning it’s a safer, more family friendly option.

To find out more about the Quooker CUBE as well as other Quooker products visit the website here.

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