Utility Room

Incorporating a utility / laundry room into your home is an excellent idea if you have an open plan kitchen and dining area. Weekly chores such as washing, drying and ironing clothes are much easier to organise when you have a designated area for the tasks so two vital components of the utility room design are storage and efficiency.

While the utility room may be hardworking, it doesn’t mean it can’t share the same design aesthetic as the rest of the kitchen. As with boot rooms, we always recommend carrying through the style of the cabinetry used in the main kitchen to ensure design consistency. Adjusting the colour palette of painted cabinetry to reflect the change in light and space is always recommended and ensures that even the home’s most utilitarian space can be both beautiful and efficient.

Typically, utility rooms incorporate a sink area with a tap that includes a rinse to help with heavy duty cleaning jobs. Belfast sinks are popular because of the large basin which is popular for cleaning larger items or soaking hand wash items of laundry. Installing the washing machine and tumble drier into the utility room is virtually a given considering the purpose of the room.

The design of cabinetry for this area should be considered carefully to allow for larger items such as the ironing board and laundry products, but also things like the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket and cleaning products which may also need a home. Artisan shelves can make use of valuable wall space for things that you use regularly and like to have to hand.

As with boot rooms, a key consideration is the flooring – if you’re choosing stone flooring, it must be hard-wearing and robust. At Humphrey Munson we source the finest stone flooring from quarries all over the world – take a look here for more information.