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Smith & Munson are renowned for their beautiful quality flowers and have been a family flower growing business since 1949. Truly experts in their field Smith & Munson are passionate about growing, and their love for flowers is reflected in everything they do from their brand to the final product – an ethos that’s very much synonymous with our own at Humphrey Munson.

The team at Smith & Munson are continuously using the latest growing techniques and take care of their flowers every single step of the way, from the very beginning of a flower’s journey to when they are picked and then proudly sent off. The team now aim to make their flowers available to everyone in the UK and are offering a delivery service for their tulips.

With the current situation of COVID-19 Smith & Munson couldn’t have chosen a better time to give people the opportunity to share their family grown tulips via delivery which can now brighten your loved ones day.

Smith & Munson are also proud to say that they use 100% recycled card for their boxes and their sleeves are recyclable. That’s not all though, their glasshouses are heated with biomass boilers and solar panels are used for the coldstores whilst the flowers are watered by rainwater collected in their reservoir.

The warmer months of the year at Smith & Munson herald the beginning of their lily season which runs from May to December and mostly focusses on Oriental lilies. Including hybrids such as OT lilies which have huge flower heads and range from white, pale pink right through to dark magenta, the smell is absolutely phenomenal. But that’s not all. Smith & Munson also grow Rose lilies and LA lilies (an asiatic hybrid with a tamer scent) which are available in an even more comprehensive colour scheme. If you’d like to know more about Smith & Munson’s lilies simply click here.

As well as beautiful bouquets, Smith & Munson are now also selling tulip confetti glass baubles for the festive season. Which are simply beautiful.

Each bauble is handmade with Smith & Munson’s very own dried tulip petals and tied with a delicate ribbon. Just perfect to hang up on the tree or to give as a gift to a loved one, adding a sprinkle of spring to their home. Peruse the collection here.

There’s so much stress and anxiety not just in our lives right now, but on a regular day too – one of the many benefits of flowers is that they help to ease a little bit of stress, anxiety and depression which is why we will continue to buy flowers and spread the love.

If you’d like to find out more about Smith & Munson and spread some love yourself (especially with Christmas just round the corner) visit the website here.

P.S: Also, if you don’t already follow Smith & Munson on Instagram, we thoroughly recommend you do! Their page is simply stunning and offers floral updates that we absolutely need in our lives right now.

Images: Smith & Munson

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