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Using ZOOM for exercise has been one of the revelations of 2020 and in a battle to bid good riddance to the dreaded ‘corona stone’, these virtual classes are more popular than ever.

Investing in your own mental and physical health has become more important than ever before” says Natalie Howlett, qualified Pilates Instructor, “taking regular pilates classes improves not only your posture, strength and mobility but overall well-being too“.

Natalie has always had a passion for wellness, and the importance of a healthy body and mind is more relevant than ever.  She trained with Future Fit, BASI and Body Control Pilates for her mat and large equipment Pilates, which gives Natalie a wide range of knowledge and understanding of teaching styles.  A particular focus of her pilates work is rehabilitation; helping people to get back to the healthiest version of themselves after hip or knee replacements, cancer treatment and surgery.

Unlike exercise apps or pre-recorded classes, virtual classes offer interaction with both your instructor and your fellow attendees, but also, crucially, accountability. Typically your fellow classmates are tiny squares and the instructor video is pinned thereby taking up most of your screen, and that alone is enough to deter an early finish!

From a practical point of view I want to see everyone in my class so I can make sure they are doing the exercises correctly” says Ali Craig, qualified Group Fitness Instructor, “but also on a more personal level, it’s become a real community (albeit virtually) so it feels really good to connect in this way”.

Ali is usually found teaching Les Mills classes at the Haslemere Leisure Centre in Surrey, but over lockdown, due to demand, she has been running 40 minute Zoom online HiiT and ‘Stretch” Classes each week:

During lockdown Ali started running her classes via zoom and like everyone, I needed a pick me up whilst I was stuck indoors – and I haven’t looked back” a regular attendee shared. “Building my strength and endurance through Ali’s classes has also given me the confidence to take up my cycling again which has made me very happy! It’s incredible that just 40 seconds of exercise each time is enough to visibly tone my muscles. The music is often on a theme and always brilliant, sometimes funny, and really fires you up. The group is lovely and you often see pets and kids walking in and out of view. It’s fun and has loads of camaraderie.”

Virtual exercise classes that come highly recommended:


Live video class from the comfort of your own home. Book and pay for your class online then receive a log in to join in group Pilates class. Option to see and chat to your fellow attendees or mute and non-screen yourself to focus on your own practice. Book an online class here.


If you know, you know. Train like a dancer and perform like an athlete with Psycle Barre. Doable at every stage of fitness, the Barre burn doesn’t just deliver results, it helps make you better at every other workout.

More information here.


With so many of our elderly loved ones staying at home to protect themselves against Covid-19, it’s more important than ever for them to stay fit and active and keep moving around. Exercise company Move It or Lose It, caters for older adults and offers live workout sessions on its Facebook page. The company has also created a support pack for older people providing really valuable advice on how they can keep exercising at home.


Join a regular HiiT class of 40 minutes and feel the burn! Suitable for people with all fitness levels, each exercise lasts just 40 seconds and has different options to suit everyone. The time flies by and the pounds drop off.

More information here.


SOS On Demand, a global dance and empowerment platform uniting queens from London to Colombia, Melbourne to Korea, to own it on the digital dance floor. Take part in daily live-streamed dance classes, healing Yoga sessions and confidence workshops as well as access to over 100 on-demand tutorials taught by empowering instructors, who break routines down to lift you up.

More information here.


Runners this one is for you! Re-learn the fundamentals of natural movement, build strength and co-ordination with Duncan’s pilates classes whether you are a client looking to begin your pilates experience, a runner looking to enhance your running, or a teacher progressing your own teaching, DO Pilates has lots to offer.

More information here.

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