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CharlesTed Interiors was established in October 2017 by Hannah and Kate, two friends based in Shropshire with a shared passion for all things interiors. Whilst working together on an interior project they decided to buy a small selection of their favourite pieces that they had in their own homes to sell to friends and family. When they revealed the pieces, literally every single thing sold out within a day. After this initial success they set up  their own website with just a small selection of products and again, they sold out before the stock even arrived.

Hannah and Kate’s vision is to help their clients create a more effortlessly stylish home with simple key pieces and to this day, they both still source every piece on the website and they won’t ever stock anything they wouldn’t have in their own homes. The Haslemere Project by HM features some beautiful CharlesTed pieces that have a more rustic feel and we have shared the images and links below for reference.

Image features Antiqued Ceramic Urn Short & Selene Handle Pot

Image features Saltash Basket With Handles, Potted Hebe True, Carved Dough Bowl & Ravello Pot | Charcoal

Image features Saltash Basket With Handles, Potted Hebe True

Image features Stratford Two Tone Ceramic Pot

Image features Selene Handle Pot

Image features Large & Small Seagrass Hanging Baskets

To see more of the incredible array of decorative accessories at CharlesTed click here.

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