Top 5 gifts for the chef in your life with Zwilling


Just like the title of this blog post says, we have gathered some of the best kitchen products from Zwilling which would make the perfect gift for the chef in your life – or if you’re the chef, drop a hint and send them this post! We use Zwilling knives and Staub cookware at HM for years now and the quality is incredible.

1. STAUB Cast Iron Round Cocotte in Sage

Specialists in premium cast iron cookware, STAUB has introduced a new colourway for its celebrated traditional cast iron Cocottes; a fresh and natural Sage.  Perfect for entertaining, the new colourway will add a pop of subtle colour to every table display, while the Cocotte’s cast iron construction makes it easy for keen cooks to produce mouth-watering dishes for family and guests.

STAUB’s new round Sage Cocottes are now available in four sizes; 20cm, 24cm 26cm and 28cm diameter, with a 24cm size and matching ceramics also available.   The selection of sizes ensures there is an option for all entertaining options, whether it’s a small family lunch or a larger dinner party.  STAUB’s Cocottes are exceptionally durable, look beautiful, and are a perfect oven-to-table choice for everyday use as well as for entertaining on special occasions.  Each cast-iron enamelled Cocotte can be used for numerous dishes, making them an ideal investment or even a gift for someone setting up home. From £219, link here.

2. ZWILLING ENFINIGY Personal Blender in Silver

Ideal for those into making smoothies, cocktails or shakes at home, the ZWILLING ENFINIGY Personal Blender is the perfect tool for all kinds of food preparation, from soups and sauces to smoothies and more.  Ideal for blending individual portions, it features ZWILLING’s special formula stainless steel cross-blade for precision blending and Piranha serration for long-lasting sharpness. The blade is made from highly corrosion resistant premium blade steel and is specially designed for maximum contact with any ingredient, even nuts and ice cubes.  It works by pulling everything down towards the spinning blade for precision blending.  The intuitive control panel features Smoothie and Pulse settings while the powerful 600-watt motor is ultra-quiet and features an auto safety switch-off. The 550ml BPA-free Tritan jar is breakproof, easy to clean and available in a Silver finish for a cool, contemporary look and is a welcome addition to family and university kitchens alike.  It also includes a to-go drinking attachment for easy on the go use. Amazing price point from £99, link here.

3. NEW ZWILLING ALL * STAR 7-Pcs Self-Sharpening Knife Block in White and Silver

Renowned for its durable chef-quality knives and cookware, ZWILLING’s new ALL * STAR range of Knife Blocks are the perfect set for creative cooks as well as those passionate about interior design.  Not just practical and safe, the new range is also stylish. ALL * STAR comprises four new self-sharpening blocks, available in brand new White and Anthracite colourways, as well as one more compact, manual sharpening block set ideal for smaller kitchens.
Designed by Italian architect and designer, Mattheo Thun, these premium, high-quality and elegant sets with ZWILLING’s special formula steel have been forged with craftsmanship and care.  Made using the FFIODUR® ice-hardening process, the steel knives offer users superior corrosion resistance and durability while each cutting edge provides the optimum blend of sharpness and robustness to meet the demands of everyday culinary preparation.  Ergonomic and precision balanced, the ZWILLING knives feature a new easy-to-use handle design, allowing the knife to sit comfortably in all hands with a good grip, no matter the skill level of the user. ZWILLING’S ALL * STAR self-sharpening Knife Blocks are available in brand new White or Anthracite colourways and are priced £379.  Each block comes with five of the most popular knife types – a 10cm paring knife, 20cm chef’s knife, 16cm carving knife, 13cm utility knife and 20cm bread knife – as well as 20cm multipurpose scissors, so every culinary need is catered for.  Handy symbols on the block make it easy to quickly find the correct hole for each knife. For these self-sharpening Knife Blocks with KIS (Keep It Sharp) technology, ceramic sharpening stones in the slots are aligned in such a way that means the smooth-bladed knives are sharpened every time they are removed and put back into place, ensuring the knives are always sharp. Added benefits include an optimum 22˚ cutting angle, a perfectly balanced bolster that acts as a finger guard for safe use and a seamless bolster-to-handle design for easy, comfortable handling. From £379, link here.

4. ZWILLING ENFINIGY Power Blender in Silver

Perfect for those who love to entertain with homemade cocktails or are smoothie enthusiasts. With the ENFINIGY Power Blender, users can expect fast, efficient results – blending everything from kale to nuts to super-smooth purée without leaving fibres, lumps or bits.

This is the ideal kitchen blender for larger quantities and customised tasks. The six programmed settings include: Pulse, Smoothie, Cocktail, Ice Cream, Ice Crushing, and Cleaning. From £349, link here.

5. ZWILLING FRESH & SAVE Vacuum Starter Set, 7 pc

Meal prep and storing leftovers and bakes is made easy while reducing food waste with the FRESH & SAVE vacuum storage starter set. Once you’ve introduced this starter set into your kitchen, you’ll never want to be without it again: The two beautifully designed vacuum containers made of borosilicate glass, the four reusable vacuum bags and the handy, automatic vacuum pump are game changers for the modern kitchen. Food stays fresh up to five times longer compared to conventional non-vacuum storage methods. The effect: All the freedom in the world! Do a big shop once a week and refrigerate or freeze fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in the vacuum containers and bags from the series and enjoy the benefits of your own fresh market stall at home. Prepare your meals days in advance and enjoy them as fresh as the day they were cooked. Cook meat sous vide or marinate meat for the grill in just 30 minutes in the vacuum bags and containers.
Here’s how it works: Dock the vacuum pump onto the valve and at the push of a button it extracts the air from the vacuum containers and bags in seconds. The highlight: It stops automatically once a sufficient vacuum has been generated. The flavour, aromas and vitamins are safely preserved. You’ll always have an overview of your stored food with the ZWILLING Culinary World App: Simply scan the QR code on the vacuum containers and bags and get a reminder when to enjoy the meals or food. Sometimes things can be so easy. Includes: 1 x vacuum pump, 1 x large glass vacuum container, 1 x medium glass vacuum container, 2 x medium vacuum bags, 2 x small vacuum bags plus a zip closure tool and USB cable • Keep food fresh up to five times longer

• Borosilicate glass containers are ovenproof up to 180°C without the lid and can be used for room temperature dry goods storage.

• Glass containers and vacuum bags can be chilled, frozen or heated in the microwave.

• The reusable vacuum bags can also be used to cook sous vide.

• Plastic lids of the glass containers are BPA-free.

• 24 month guarantee.

Price from £99, link here.

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