Designing Cabinetry Into Your Sitting Room


At Humphrey Munson it’s not just about kitchens (well it’s mostly about kitchens) but we also design cabinetry for ancillary rooms of all shapes and sizes, including TV cabinetry which is becoming ever popular in both large open plan living spaces and cosy living rooms. We love what well designed TV cabinetry can bring to a room, but don’t just take our word for it, here are a few of our favourites:

Made using traditional joinery techniques and finished in dark grey paint colour ‘Farthing II’ made exclusively by Mylands for Humphrey Munson, the TV cabinetry pictured above at the Orchard House project runs the length of the soft seating area.

Located just behind the kitchen, the space is all open plan with a nearby dining area and double doors that lead to the outdoor pool. It doesn’t however feel cavernous due to the zoning of space with a large L-shape sofa and armchair for the family to relax watching their favourite movie or sports match.

The TV cabinet at the Gerrards Cross project (pictured above) is located just off the main kitchen behind two large double doors. The family of four loved the idea of a large open plan kitchen with a nearby comfy soft seating so that they could have their own space if required, but also leave the doors open so the children could still feel close by in the afternoons after school.

Our design team can work around structural elements like the chimney in the sitting room above at the Blackheath project and design cabinetry either side to maximise storage. We just love this cosy space located just off the informal dining area and kitchen. The library style shelving really provides masses of storage and brings colour and personality into the room.

To see more examples of cabinetry designed for sitting rooms, please take a look here.

Images: Paul Craig

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