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Unveiling the Culinary Oasis

Welcome to the incredible outdoor kitchen at The Haslemere Project by Humphrey Munson. This culinary haven transcends the ordinary, offering not just a place to cook, but an experience to savour with friends and family all year round. Comprising two distinct zones, the BBQ kitchen with the Wolf outdoor grill and the artisanal pizza kitchen with the Forno 4 pizze oven by Alfa Forni, this space redefines al fresco dining with sophistication and flair.

Crafting Longevity: Iroko and Stainless Steel in Markham Design Cabinetry

At the heart of the Markham design lies a commitment to enduring quality. The cabinetry, meticulously constructed using the robust Iroko timber, stands as a testament to this ethos. The choice of Iroko, an exceptionally durable wood, is matched by the resilience of bespoke stainless steel hardware designed by Peter Humphrey with Joseph Giles.

These materials not only ensure the longevity of the cabinetry but also create an exquisite interplay between form and function. The Markham design, with its subtle contemporary flair, harmoniously complements the formal design of the country garden. Anchored in the principles of simplicity, scale, and proportion, it embodies the essence of every Humphrey Munson kitchen.

Precision Perfected: The Wolf Outdoor Grill

Immerse yourself in a world where precision meets passion, and outdoor cooking reaches new heights. The Wolf 137 cm Built-In Outdoor Gas Grill is a revelation that transforms hit-or-miss outdoor grilling into an art form.

Embodying the precision and ease-of-use of its indoor counterparts, this grill promises culinary excellence. From perfectly seared fillets to sizzling vegetables and irresistible applewood bacon, this grill’s capabilities are limitless.

The ICBOG54 features six individually controlled burners, an infrared sear zone for sealing in flavours, and two-position rotisseries that conjure succulent chicken or pork. Illuminated by halogen lights, this grill becomes a stage for late-night culinary creations. Crafted in sculpted stainless steel, it’s not just a grill; it’s a statement of culinary innovation.

Sub-Zero Drawers: Cool Elegance for Al Fresco Refreshments

Elevating the art of outdoor entertaining, the outdoor kitchen at The Haslemere Project boasts more than just culinary marvels. Nestled within its well-thought-out design are Sub-Zero drawers dedicated to storing drinks in the most elegant manner possible.

Combining style and functionality, these drawers are a testament to the commitment of Humphrey Munson to curate spaces that delight and inspire and are exquisitely finished with custom Markham furniture drawer fronts. The Sub-Zero 610mm Under Counter All Refrigerator drawers are a seamless addition to our outdoor kitchens that redefines convenience. This marvel isn’t just Sub-Zero’s first outdoor refrigerator; it’s a testament to innovation and elegance. The ICBID-24RO boasts a spacious 71L capacity, keeping your provisions fresh for longer through smart-touch technology that allows temperature adjustments from 1°C to 7°C.

The art of organisation is elevated with adjustable dividers, catering to your arrangement preferences for fresh foods, beverages, and snacks. LED lighting illumination is key for late nights outside and also offers customisable brightness levels. This refrigerator is not only a functional gem but also a design masterpiece, blending effortlessly with the Wolf outdoor grill.

Flames of Tradition: The Forno 4 Pizze Oven

Transport your senses to the heart of Italy as you enter the pizza kitchen adorned with the Forno 4 pizze oven by Alfa Forni. Evoke the rustic charm of traditional pizzerias with wood-fired pizzas that boast crisp crusts and charred perfection.

More than an oven, it’s a gateway to creating cherished memories around its warm embrace. Whether it’s a casual family gathering or an intimate soirée, this oven elevates pizza-making to an art, infusing every slice with tradition and taste.

Resurrection of Space: Design with Purpose

The outdoor kitchen at The Haslemere Project is a triumph of transformation, turning an existing outbuilding into a culinary sanctuary. With an astute focus on blending functionality with aesthetics, this space is reborn with new purpose, offering an oasis for both cooking and conviviality.

The Heart of Al Fresco Dining

As the sun sets over The Haslemere Project, the Humphrey Munson outdoor kitchens come alive, blending culinary artistry with the tranquility of nature. The outdoor kitchens showcases the perfect harmony between the timeless allure of the Markham cabinetry design and exquisite Donatello Dolomite worktops in this incredible setting.

Whether you’re grilling succulent delicacies on the Wolf 137 cm Built-In Outdoor Gas Grill or savouring freshly baked sourdough pizzas from the Forno 4 pizze oven by Alfa Forni, this space beckons for memorable moments shared under the open sky.

Bring Your Dreams to Life

Outdoor Kitchen Prices Starting from £15,000*

Elevate your outdoor space with Humphrey Munson’s exceptional outdoor kitchens, designed to bring culinary dreams to life amidst the beauty of the natural world. Outdoor kitchen prices start from £15,000, allowing you to tailor your al fresco oasis to your preferences and needs. To learn more about how we can transform your outdoor space, call us at +44(0) 1371 821300 or email us at info@humphreymunson.co.uk.

Let the art of outdoor living begin.

*excluding VAT and appliances / accessories. 

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